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Monday, March 30, 2009

The long march

If i don't write here i will clog alJazeera with comments. Not that i would be unique in doing that, some people severely exploit the option to be heard by posting repeatedly, even to the extend they apparently feature a bad memory even for their own words.

Aljazeera discussions are fascinating for their topic choices, then.. madagaskar is not one..
One could ask why, but for me it's obvious, african leaders fear the solidity of their pluche seats diminish, and actually so do nato leaders. How childish, all these people knowing hardly anything of madagaskar holding up advances for fear of their own positions.

k, on with the good news. The UN finally found wisdom on drugs by looking at the statistics instead the pope's, establishments and the mullah's.

It means there is some hope for at least those destutes in our society for a life with some human quality. This is in the long run very promising, because it remains an option that society's will find out you need to work at the causes.

The causes are social, and the drugs item is not the only case where prejudice long overruled righteousness. So emancipation of drugs might just mean emancipation of the precarious, emancipation of crime even.

Altho the 'penal systems' are still in need of major make-overs, it could be a start.
Since complete regulation will be impossible we probably head to a situation where drugs related crime becomes comparative to youth related crime. In the end, if you bore people to death they will do wicked things , and if you don't allow them to party they still will.

Myself i am not so convinced of crime. Money is a resource, if one judges crimes for money, the bigger money the bigger crime. The reality is quite the opposite, the smaller the money involved in the crime, the relatively higher the punishments.

rich people, (look at eg. the one who attempted to kill ronald reagan) come off easily. Fraud that counts into the millions is considered a gentlemans right, yet poor people are locked up for years over a few 1000's.

The control on poor people's finances is very close to 100%, you can't just emigrate and put the loot of a bankrobbing on a foreign account if you are poor, but you can if you are rich, so the solution is plain. Control the rich as well.

unfortunately the tools of control are in the hands of the rich, so it never materialised and will probably never happen. Shimmery constructs called 'legal formulas' will remain in place to protect the establishment if the people don't act up.

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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