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Friday, May 15, 2009

abuse pics

I would like to have surprised you with a nipple pic of my own hands to file this article, i can't help thinking that what nipples are in usia a womans face is when they are required burkhas. a nipple pic might work against both.

anyway i didnt really try and my camera has not been working since it's last ever more expensive accu loader broke down.
after 2 years and 1000s of pics i was under the impression it wasn't as sharp as before anyhow.

abuse pics are hot, the whole world had excitedly been waiting untill the newest hot release of usian state humiliation. and now they don't come..

I just hope it doesnt mean every procedure against torture is stopped, and that the courts will have the material available. I don't look forward to seeing the same dirty pics of detainees over and over again, for reference of usian state justice, and of cia practices, i have seen enough.

Did you?

Its time for marocco abuse pics. egypt abuse pics, saudi arab abuse pics, or whatever, iraki, but these prisons keep their secrets very well guarded.

I remember pics of when petraeus took a shia prison, dead and dying everywhere,
tortured people, desperation, it was horrible. And that is the kind of pictures we need to udnerstand what is going on. When these nations publicise their torture in full colour we need new usian abuse pics as well.

usian abuse pics are great, they have a procedure in wich they make photos during torture, the camera specifically aimed at a bodypart (the back) where nothing is
happening, they kick the victyim against the head. That is concerned legal proof in usia. proof that there was no torture.. or ...?

so that is the whole point, as long as the procedures go on, and the jurys and judges can see the material, i don't need extra offical cia sadist porn.

have a nice day.

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