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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I am so angry about something, it influences my whole day. Do other people have that?
I bet. Yet, the objects of my anger deserve no such attention, i never let attacks on my person, or integrity destroy my mindflow in such a way, when it's useless,

So obviously i hardly remembered it and just took it as a token story of the rubbish mentality my fellowcountryman achievements allows.

Myself i was quite conscious of the dangers of traffic. I decided not to drive, and thus not to kill anyone by accident. Not ny their 'fault' nor mine.

These days i made the calculation how much time of my life is wasted by people insisting to endanger my life and others. (you loose 9 days a year on 1 traffic light a day, averagely, because you are all but priviliged as a cyclist.)

For pedestrians it is slightly easier to evade some of the problem, they are not so possesed with keeping set trajectory's. So one might asume that would be more flexible, or at least, appreciated. Apparently it is not even known. Not even realised, by 100 out of 101 drivers that you could let a pedestrian cross. You could surely let a pedestrian cross when you are anyhow about to stop or making no significant extra chance to score your next trafficlight.

It is not so, the more cars a nation has the longer you stand, the riskier the crossing and the people inside are all horror prepared nightmarish tokens of selfindulgence. Quitte ready to run over you would you still dare to cross a street.


oke i realised that before, what actually happened is oral history, but now today...

so i cross a 10minute-red trafficlight with cars standing still, (without pushing their "wait" button) halfway. The next and last car that is supposed to cross in front of me..
stands still!
oh well i stood still so that on it's own is no surprise. But it stood still on the middle of that crowded crossroad when it could easily pass?!

it was one of these big 4wd cars that would never (it happened to me once a car like that, and in the price class perhaps 3 times in 40 years odd..) stop, if you just want to cross the street. The uneconimical model. I wondered why?

suddenly i realised, it had perceived my action as to free, to easily escaping the hindrance of trafficlights that are not for me.

i stood and thought, but knowing their machinery i knew i would get over safe most probably, so i quickly crossed.


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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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