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Sunday, January 10, 2010

a panic people (2)

i guess the intention was that i would write about how i get intimidated and harrassed by the police, and my things stolen every time they get their hands on anything, but it is not so important as what was in my mind already.

i know they have a special service to annoy people like me, (people with unwanted political opinions) and if the signs don't lie i have a nasty year ahead, with all this effort to make sure i am hungry in januar.

anyway its not the point, this is about climate change..
a true reason for panic ain't?

soo what about climate change? its not even freezing in the middle of the night the first week of januar,

ok this about it..
since the climate top failed miserably (1) every day we had forecasts for terrible winterweather. they even upgraded the warning for i dunno what ( i wasn't acutely aware of any status of this half winter almost without frost) to extreme.

well its not extreme at all, only it snowed only thrice in like 30 years, and usually we would have had well uhm 30 times snow a year? 2 months frost?

this year however it snows, and that is visible, so u can create a panic around it.

i dont really watch tv. it's horrible, , adds, and prop, not uncommonly agiprop, but sometimes i see some anyhow, well these days it is nonsense about extreme cold time. so they predicted cold and more snow every day.(it hasnt really been cold, and it snowed like 4 days or so)

worse... today i saw in a tv program about expensive cars, someone get out of a very chique car (with an obviously extremely bad heater) and start pathetical shivering. (i can be quite pathetic if i want to get out of claustrophobiac situations myself.)

pathetically shivering 1 second after he getx out of this really luxurious car he posed he wanted the earth to heat more.. he doesnt care about people who live in a warm country allready, no he cares about lying when gets out of a heated car in a script to cause panic.

(1) reasons it failed: the rich don't wantto help pay and tried to play a trick on the poor, in a way that they could continue polluting and the poor had to stop develop for 10 billion(i) euro, a fee, a nothing in the costs of climate or even disaster management.
(i) english word 'milliarden' in dutch.


onix said...

oh yeah i could do sth usefull predictions, but uh people, this nation is screwing up completely, and i dont much trust the rest either, unfortunately i am quite aware this will be a dangerous year, the chaotical climate change is getting bigger, that means extreme storms, floods and droughts are quite probable for the coming year. i dont think it will yet kill us all, maybe next year we heated it enuf for such a prediction, i will let you know when i start thinking that. anyhow take care, it will probably be tougher then the last two years that i predicted.

onix said...

its also 'hazy', we could hope itgets to undefined for extreme events, but i think that would be naive. with hazy i mean elss clear less well it's the wrong word, but i don't know another, outspoken, typical? what i eamn to say is liek in polluted water u don't see through it, the climate becomes less predictable, ;less characteristic, it sould tehrefore also mean an uncommonly calm and safe year, like i said chaotical, hard to predict, but i think the climate will still show us this year sth is really wrong, and that some nations on the planet will actually really notice, my strongest expectation are droughts, so make good work of all the water plan i have ok? tehn at least most of us (me?) will eat.

onix said...

well even with errors it just said could when i reeditted it, he no panic no action...

onix said...

i like commenting, nexttime i will comment again and let the censory pick on my words and try to destroy the content, thy be warned..

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