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Friday, January 8, 2010

a panic people

people here are ruled by panic, they believe just about everything with the right dose of fear horror and panic, that's an electorate fact that has been well taken charge of.

the national panic is a safe asset, fear apparently makes blind, or.. is it the shame to admit to have been fooled?

right now someone is facing a lifelong punishment over something that a certain president called ' a screwup' of the services, neglicence and the refusal to act on solid informations.

so i tell you a story, here in netherlands in criminal justice and even outside that perhaps, for pathological crime, it is impossible to get a lifelong sentence. well, the fear politics changed it a bit some 10 years ago already, so now in fact everything unconstitutional is made possible again, but the people still feel ashamed to admit how they have been fooled.

10 years ago there was no such thing as a lifelong sentence. i think it was 16 years, and effectively 10 or even 8, that was the highest. it happened even for murder more then a few times(1). however,

if someone did something definitly (or definedly) insane, inhumane, we had another measure that did have a lifelong reach, it was called : tbs or tbr(2),

and something like that still exists, it didn't get terribly abused like so many differently meant laws these days do, almost that terribly..

however i promised a story and here it is. to get this tbs (i think thats for the status these days) one needs (? but it's so) to apply for psychological investigations. there is an institute for that and it commonly takes months for them to get to a diagnosis.

so i know a story of someone who was psychologically researched,

(however unlawfully somewhere else.. i think, at some random place, with some random employee of the justice ministery that gets payed per parcel and a bonus at it)

as a part of the investigation to his personality, they asked him the kind of standard questions
they do..

"if you were to live at an uninhabited island, with whom would you most like to be there? "

"muhammed khadaffi"

boom lifelong.

(1) precedents
(2) it used to be the difference i think between the punishment and the status of the victim of that, but nowadays fearpolitics changed it a bit , two scary words work better then 1 and, when you confuse things it will be harder for individual people to answer.

note:after posting i had to correct two changes in the first line alone, destroying my first lines destroys the attention..

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