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Friday, January 22, 2010

a panic people (5)


like i suppose more often you may wonder what has panic ado with obama, well from my standpoints and views, nothing, although that is different with my sympathy for him.

i panic when people undersupport obama.

however that is not the subject, because this is not about individual fears and scares.

what he has to do with panic is at the other side, the industrialists, capitalists and republican panic. and if you make your analyses politically correct, that incorporates a load of people who think they are different for naming themselves a democrat.(1)

so firstly unfortunately but predictably we have seen racial panic, but there has been a lot of bonus panic as well, and there is the insurance lobby panic, the israeli panic in fact panic about evrything capitalists panic about, wich is only one thing, money, a surplus of it.

so if you look at it from my side, it has enough to do with panic to be a topic.

now it get's painfull, because the usian corporations have changed the first amendment, to dehumanize the concept of a person. they have changed it in such a way , that corporations can spend money on political groups (right wing ofcourse, and so far racist apparently) and make the people pay for it through taxdeductions. smart criminals there right? in the congress and corps.

so i panic, because my own dutch legal system has pretty much come to nought. for instance recently i got extra fines (it was the first and last thing the undercovered officer said, except a hidden threat towards my kids) because i was not agreeing, and protested the nazi measure applied to me.

so if you protest against nazi regulations you get extra fines, in all that the police never stuck to a procedure, wich happens to be mostly fake anyway, and bothered much about not speaking the truth. well that is not my law, and when i was younger the dutch law would disallow such infringements on my rights.

(a police repeatedly admitting he fines me for personal or political reasons is called arbitrary punishment, in legal terms)

a similar thing we see all to often, and in the context of obama in usia the rightwing is at great speed destroying the fundamental rights of it's people.

great speed? actually i think the exact same speed, and that is pretty quick. meanwhile in netherlands a procedure against a showcase xenophobiac is much hyped, however, it's a publicity stunt, the man is charged before some superfluous unknown to common people extra chamber, quitte unsimilar with the ease i get extra fines, he is sure to get only publicity.

or the ease 'blitz' justice is adapted, or the ease people get convicted to cheer up public events, or the ease with what our housing right got unrooted, or foreigners expelled, or locked in iron cages on boats, children no exception.(4)

not comparable to the ease with what a next xenophobiac was allowed to fraud for yet another (hirshi ali) that applied under a false name for a refugee status she next denied the others.

and all of that openly, in parliament. the list is near endless.(2) we lost our right on appeal, and police got a right to say they have been indignified, over wich rightwingers have wet dreams as to how high to raise the punishment.

what it means? the attack of rightwingers (in netherlands evrything but the SP) on our fundamental rights is a coordinated affair, against wich neither law nor people have an answer.

once a high judge spoke out, i assumed he would get fired soon, or back out. since this is a banana republic, if he got fired, we have not been told. if he backed out, we have not been shown.

it's the carrot that comes with the whip, to keep the donkeys pulling the carts of the elites treasury. how much worse then this sometimes incapable elite of power inheritants can it get.

not much, that is why what is happening in usia is along the exact same lines.

i have to analyse it myself after all, and i am limited in the nr of dull articles and legal nitpicking over fundamentally flawed ideas i can handle. i get angry or distracted when i see fundamental principles shoved aside for the good of the thickest wallets.

so thats why i keep it plain and say it's the same. like bill clinton produced hillary and bush sr bush jr a similar system is in netherlands still in place, family's occupying high positions in the nation.

ofcourse they are as arrogant to pretend they are suit for such, i differ however. i am not very impressed with the profesionality of it all, not convinced at all of it's legality, and to be straight
the hypocracy in destroying long fought for rights (for example just to target my person either personally or in political aspect) does exactly not translate in competence.

competence would be to improve on existing law and rights, not to try hard as you can to
re-establish totalitarianism. undo rights or turn them into a frankenstein variety of age old traditions. even caesar now appears a more modern ruler then them.

admittedly cultural precautions are being made, recently i read a recence uhm, uh crtic? on a play called caesar and brutus, well one thing it showed and as far as i am concerned the only thing, was a fear for their persona, lex romana or pax romana, whatever they perceive as their enemy (i think lex), they were sculpted like unbeings.

poor obama, poor paniced usians, poor ourselves, were will it lead? military control over scarce food resources for the rich in their bunkers , protected by private army's? like the plugged xenophobiacs in parliament to great cost for the nation?

like our national victim, goatfucker (his words) theo van gogh? that man is the ultimate hero of anyone who knows zilch about the netherlands, surely the propaganda machine is rolling and creating it's disqualifying myths, and believe it or not, obama's good intentions are as much a victim as ours.

(1) for that reason of having two only marginally different interest holders in politics usia is actually straight out *not* a democracy, it is also not a democracy because they believe in personal power for the individual president. it's a republic at best.

(2) irak having no wmd's known to prime minister and the bunch, but the idea still promoted.

(3) wallstreet starting a massive embezzlement and frauding the usian taxpayers out of what was left for their next generation counts.

(4) list can be made much longer

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