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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a panic people (4)


thinking over what next fears moves this world most, heh besides exconomical catastrophe.
i thought perhaps it is once again time to say something about drugs.

drugs are taboo-ish, certainly when you consider them in a worldwide perspective, as opposed to western or dutch, or perhaps in many cases even upper class.

the common, oh i had to hear i was so oldfashioned over this, idea about taboo's that hamper people's happiness (wich is for eg. a sick usually a drug) , is that by confronting them you can improve something,

i feel dumb for telling but to give an example, by breaking taboo's around sexuality anti conception and condoms became available. or because we broke the taboo about racism we can now despair how to educate the generations of dropouts we continually create by sticking to old habits, and actually greed. (roughly disguised as fear, how will i survive if i share things, what will be left for me if others have a right on an equal share?) or how can we make a profit of these people also need to be decently payed (haiti).

these things have been surrounded by taboos and still are so, no matter how eagerly plenty of us deny without much introspection.

for a taboo to turn into something usefull, unrestrictive, unlimiting, it needs to be contradicted, and since a simple contradiction never sticks as well as the subconscious elements of a taboo it needs to be broken down into the tiny pieces of fear it consists of.

a fearsome job that can keep you bussy many lives long, but that has it's charmes.
fortunately usually we arrive at our ideas within the constraints of one single life,
so it may be explained that i, encountering yet one more transcedental fear clouded with taboo's kept an eye.

today i watched this gaza documentary, heroic tunneling , to undeep to be really safe for airstrikes. well these guys had nothing to worry because they worked for the israeli's and took their pills themselves. the story they told, i should perhaps say the hamas police told, but it appeared somewhat supported in the client state's circuit, was that israel and sometimes egypt took care plenty of drugs arrived in gaza.

now that is not a new story, if i am not mistaken the whole english tradition of mixing in pig bone meal with the flower is based on that same uh.. jewish, idea, if you are so mad you think you'r belief destroys you when you get in touch with a pig, ok be destroyed and your wicked belief with it. not that it didn't happen to us...

so that's a completely innocent thing. however when it's about drugs, suddenly people will be so scared uhm how do you express such things in a neat way, that it comes running down their pants. doesn't even matter if they are 10 kilometer away or 1000,

just hiss drugs loudly and everyone will be scared and stop making sense. so i think that is why the police says that, they want to make a point: israel is bad, and they do that by saying drugs.. drugs .. drugs.. in people's ears.

israel probably does the same. makes perfect sense when palestineans are the poorer group in israel like in gaza.

wich brings me back on topic, and i don't want that, because tkere is another common drugs story going round that if you are more intimate with reality is even more utterly and completely outrageous,
(heh because israel has an interest to show that every normal humans tend to use and abuse "drugs" medicin's or some kind of kicks.)

after all israel has some of the better koffeeshops of the whole middle east within these walls.
(not counting refugee tribes in the kaukasus that accidently haven't been attacked by an army the past 5 years, well that is not the middle east really kaukasus riot? kurdistan.)

neway, wether the kurds would be better of with an israeli partnership in that trade remains to be proven. wich is mostly a joke about some common kurdophobe sentiments commonly met.

like i said, the other silly story is that usia went to afghanistan for the opium. what? i think that story is a cia invention to begin with. they discovered the only common sense that people could make out of afghanistan was to finally get rid of absurdly high heroin prices that destabilised our economy quite as much as our personal lives.

so they smugly thought: we will make a gossip that we did it for that, and everyone will love us.
but it is to much honour. there is no reason to only complain about the past 3-4 years narcotics policy's of usia much, allthough they seemed rather a random measure of out of the blue accusations and repressions, i take it for granted that the beneficial effect of having the drugs at an affordable price not only cured much of the patients, but also a lot of the problems they represented in their society.

since it is an urbanised consumptionist society like mine, i can easily enfigure what a benefactor that was.
meanwhile however they supported an impressive heap of repressive regimes and programs, it is a bit of the pigbone story again i suppose. ok don't do it like us, you will find in time you were bothered about nothing.

plus that they still depend a lot of the fear that they can summon with it. i have even seen obama whispering 'drugs' just to get the attention , well in his case because he needed scared people to trust him, i didn't say noone could have their reasons.

it's an overly sunny picture, but that is about drugs, the pictures are either utterly depressing or a bit on the sunny side perhaps.

there is a whole lot of interesting things in afghanistan, and one of them is opium, but how practical that was usia really only found out after a lot of pressure and occupying afghanistan.

after getting an easy acces to a huge supply of crude opium they just noticed that wasn't exactly the most expensive way to get to it, just like we (europe).

what i wonder is where will it grow next, if this experiments bites in its tail, and the panic is needed to achieve something else for wich then the opium production gets even more embarrassingly terrorised. that is a question i would rather not have to ask.

so i hope we will find a social cure and make a constructive start without 'demonising' the mirror that shows us the problem much longer.

after all, i have seen way more harmfull results way quicker from chemical medicines, that i would wish upon none.

gaza is having a severe problem with an opiate. not so hard to grasp it is exactly an opiate that is available also through the legal circuit, and not so farfetched it is suspect.

however the hamas police is awfull as can be. they are really the kind of demonic, harsh and violent institution israel feels represents their islamic enemy's best, no matter that they probably have been completely right in securing the streets.
so the fear that is part of the taboo on drugs is still a usefull tool in to many hands then to hope to rid it with this small update.

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