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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


there is one word in politics that is the absolute recordholder in being damaged in every possible and illegal way:


anarchism is perhaps best expressed as the revival of ancestral ethics. "the natural philosophy"

in that sense it's rules are rather basic, do what you want unless it hurts..

hurts another person, animal, nature, common sense perhaps, and not in the least your own psyche.

there are millions of philosophical and poetical ways to put it, but for rules it suits.

literally anarchism reads "without a state". many people want to make a problem from that.

it merely shows their lack of talent.

without a state means 'no set authority' , no set religion also, historically the two were often almost unseperable.

it also means 'no violent arrests' , no police repression, no torture, and even.. no prisons.

the latter may be utopic for now, there are plenty institutions that would best be disbanded today.

all that violent, army, militairy violence, and "financial" violence, are farflung illegal in anarchism.

illegal is also psychological violence 'not to educate', 'mislead'(,propaganda, commercial (untrue) and excessive advertising).

legal is play, and fooling around. anarchism is legal,

originality, exception, disordre, daring concepts, revolutionairy changes, it's part of the practice
and theory in anarchism. ofcourse this is a simplification, but it is important to grasp the idea that a real change in society is allways, (intentionally or in effect) a "revolution".

that revolution is a great target, and tool, is also simple, it's even charmingly related with the worker solidarity that has often been a strong aspect of anarchist practice. if it works well, let's make it quickly, so it will be working soon.

freedom is the great inspiration for anarchism, it's what makes us hated and much feared by establishments and clique's. anarchists make that evaluation and are not to scared to point a finger now and then, allthough anarchists have fought the police over many minor revolutionairy causes, the motto is:" take out your tension on the real enemy". the real enemy are usually the big fish. that is what makes us feared so much, we are the only threat that directly seeks to hold the ones responsible that are in charge. the ideal revolutionairy struggle is one of all people against all bosses.

so decission making is another favorit weak spot of us to be targetted. it's a myth, usual anarchist groups decide flexibly and swift very often. it is also a myth that it would be politically unfeasable, hard or impossible to pull of. there have been many theory's and models, but with never yet the opportunity to rule people in equality there is not an established standard perhaps.

there shouldn't be. anarchism acknowledges the merit of revolution, an anarchist system should not be allergic to changes, improvement and experimenting.

the usual words for anarchist forms of debate and decissionmaking are : direct democracy, grassroots movement, participating democracy, individual representation etc. in the older days there was a strong trend towards federalism, syndicalism. nowadays (with internet, digital media) the grassroots concept seems more up to date. that concept delegates power to smaller entity's, groups decide and when needed their decission are re-evaluated in groups of delegates of groups. in times of peace there will be room to improve the structures and enhance many individuals capacity's to adequatly represent, the feedback can be more exhaustive and through more channels, it would allways become something aking to federalism.

however anarchism has never been left in peace. anarchism is the word that is abused right and left. communists also favourably and typically blame the emancipatory movements for anarchism.

in the capitalist world , capitalist violence and the sometimes unpretty results of social inequality are typically named 'anarchism', as well as any armed struggle they disagree. (somalia was attacked over al shabaab being called anarchist for a weird example).

that actually grassroots organisation is the thing that kept the overblown london riots from becoming deadly is not what you will read. a list of proprietary complaints is made, looting, fighting the police, arson (they add disobeing 'authority' on regular bases), are heaped up and called anarchism.

it's not, in the london case it is capitalism, it's their riots, anarchism has not made that, the people on the streets may often (and in principle being humans allways) be anarchists, if there was anarchism in the streets, there would be no such thing as an option to steal from the rich, let alone loot childlabour produced commercial hypes that the youth is made to stare blind on),

i have a gstar trousers since recently and it stands out, even the cops were jealous, personally i am just glad it fits and would have never guessed. the little maidens look at it, it is really a ridiculous experience.

it's beside the point but the superficial consumermentality that is forced upon the free minds of the youth came home to roost in london. great for a laugh, and with all the talk about restrictions and severity, basically any reactionairy's wet dream and no surprise in cameron, albeit still a bit disappointing, they are obviously out to make it much worse before it will get any better.

anarchism is to disagree to that. to boykot the idea of repression. the mentality of neglect and contempt, anarchism is freedom, future, development.

a friend made an old joke and said: "my political filosofy has only 3 laws:
"belief", "hope" and "bless"

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