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Tuesday, August 9, 2011



its a tradition in the year ahead groups get criminalised, towns and nations become bankrupted, and under the guise of universal sportivity the poor to get a beaten is what is really for.

i saw two huge blokes arrest a small guy with well visible blood at first it seemed they would harm him a bit more, but then, in what film did they do that before? the cops started to try vainly to rob something from the small guy, to just dump his belongings on the street, most of the passers by seemed perplexed at best. the guys leave with some smaller dudes.(2) (4)

probs whole of the world saw it, syria does the same, lighten up even fabricated detail, and not show the greater pictures.

i saw a white twice and two lightblue hoodys run from a police line in a crowd, on aljazeera. geesh if i see them run out of a crowd of riot cops..

i saw a similar white hoody dramatically smash a window. (dont worry they will find one now).

you know how agent provocaters work?

imagine you say, we'll have our protest 3 streets of the primary school.
the first thing they will attack is the primary school.
imagine you say, no alcohol, they will bring it.
imagine you say: dont smash small shops, they will smash small shops and make sure there is ample opportunity by keeping any security away to make sure exactly those will be targetted.(1)

otoh. they may well have set alight some empty buildings, most probably old ones to be costly renovated. or even sony, if t'is almost broke, or otherways in a malvolent aura.

all these things and plenty worse they will. they have the fantasy for better, but tiny of the inspiration.

that all occured to me i should tell.

when that occured 'everyone would retaliate'.

the consolidate of police nonplaints commisions is left out of the picture for most of the day.
yet.. it surfaces only once. after days.. isnt it important? wouldnt it be just as relevant as that
acknowledgement most complaints filed are to be shoven under the table and out of view..?

just as important as the coloured guy that was searched several times a day? nevermind statistics of the powerfull.
one alJazeera article notices that black people are have a daily experience with "targetted harrasment by the feds".

sure racism is to still be held under the table according to cameron and his greedy and corrupt bunch, it is 'uncivilised criminals', 'gangs' and bigtalk about their sadist power of making people insane. experienced stigmatising of those forlorn individuals.

i hope it does not get so far the english establishment will revel it's lust to martyr the poor and other but i would be naive to expect even modest decency.

becus that is what reactionairy stands for, and cameron stands for reactionairy.. police state.

politics is really simple once you are an anarchist.
the level police state exactly equals the social inequalitys for example.

it works in all directions, the ones that want more police, rude laws, violent laws, abusive laws, injust laws, unfree laws, animal unfriendly laws, every perversion i name it, but you are not made to think of-laws, is reactionairy.

the one thing all 'authority's' reactionairy's, and for some reason capitalists want is "police state"

in aspects(control), in pieces and bits, and in absolute terms. a complaints(denial) commision or two for the police everywhere. none of their violence and least of their killings to get in the public.. all quite officially exactly, definedly: "police state".

the violent breaking up of any peacefull protest:"police state"
and a very purposefull one, distract the integer part of the populace to vain and bloodily beaten protest and.. guess what? less protest. police state.

films of reality soap agent provocaters, worldwide on "news" : police state

so whoever burned whatever building, and whether we have to thank only the "mob" noone got killed except by police, despite people stopped firefighters when some of them started to operate in their other function.. if those also were undercovers...?

for the nolympics, or just against the poor?
in fact, bad sports

(1) other very common practices, violent provocative arrests. 'attacks' from quite or completely calm demonstrations (eg throwing ineventfull rubbish like tin cans, missing with stones, in some cases throwing exceptionally large objects (material escalation)). (shouting) violent (3)(encouragements, hiding protests from public view and press, hiding police agression from the same. arrests and in some cases sneaky assistance with arrests. constantly reporting to other uncercover teams, pushing, mongering fear panic and rumours. constantly telling people "what the police said" , (you must trust a few of your own to actually relay opinions still, it is not a very good method of recognition unless the cop i smore stupid then you)
they often try to interfere with people wanting to join the protest, but not very obviously.
photographing without permission, extremely violent and targetted arrests. adding a targetted touch to the randomness of policebrutality, for reasons of escalation, sheer bloodlet, sadism or some kind of drug abuse, perhaps that is also to escalate the brutality of arrests and actions of plain robocops. otoh, usual coppers in robocop fashion are incredibly scared.

there is only one way they are right to be scared, it's pleasant to be able to counter them, hold them up, hold them back or beat them. alltho it almost never happens it is a privilige to have witnessed how the courage, daring and conviction of a progressive group can sometimes withstand the enormous might of the amrsindustry incarnated, if even for a single action or two.

i am also not so knowledgeable to the kinds of texts and methods they might use with the public.
fear, lies , rumours in ordre of effectivity probably.

(2) comment speaks dramatically, stuf like: "they steal everything he has"

(no looks for his purse or more then 1 object taken it seems, it got thrown the moment i thought: "oh it's the police thats stealing everything again", they do try and materially disadvantage me more then a few times.

(3) my definition of violence is the disproportional intrusion of living beings, real talks about countermeasures can allways be quite reasonable. "they beat those guys so hard let's start a barricade, fire, destroy the traffic lights , pinch the policecars tyres ahead, etc etc.

(4)a redacted version of the same shots with most what i describe cut was reaired, you dont see the arrest or dump scene, not that it seemed they did lack time..

3X:00 censoring kicking in;) check my other politics blog (its under profile i think) for egypt

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onix said...

btw impressive filmwork on some of the fires, they should sell a camera to japan for fukushima

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