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Monday, August 15, 2011

a materialist expression of dissidence

london is longgone, it's ashes cold and dead. over the burrows hoovers a shadow of contempt, a slimy morbid balloon of indignification, about to drop and glue people in their place, extract vengeance for the piles of surplus luxury that got mortgaged, gagged, burned and looted, in the name of bluntness and neglect, privacy.

nolympics, do they might feel cheated.

there is no chance without an overhaul of youthwork, and very much also the prisonsystems and juridicairy system, anything will work.

that besides love it or leave it, the pharmaceutical industry does not, humankind is out to live with drugs, seek the recreational and even psychological abuse of drugs, invent the therapy's and prolong them. all that matters is to really start only after the children are there, and to stay away from alcohol. there must be exeptions.

giving people chances means a penal system need to give them such and the rehabilitation does.
the latter has never materialised and is a favorit tool of the autocrats to sideline unwanted contenders.

changes in a penal system should be material and diverse. not the usual fuck all of you and what you stand for. to patch up the cover of petty crimes and excesses that hides the real crimes of propriatarisation not only we have to sand the tooth, we need to extract its sick roots.

thats hard. yet its all but unfathomable. for one think i endare the idea to allow prisoners to organise workingcollectives for decent wages. yet i would also love to have people professional opportunity in more creative handcraft, there is small call not to prioritise it. so money should not be the factor, in this better, more equal and more respectfull society there is obviously only more available to cure the causes of crime. its utterly challenging and fascinating and surely prisoners must be allowed responsability and redaction of projects and therapeutical resource.

in fact you would coach the bound to be druggy's to be a decent survivable druggy. but assuming people have different political or existential target, to have place for any.

with what i will start a next article about the most out of context used term ever in the history of human rights, and perhaps you should say the freedom of conviction...


(wich translates into oh well kill this khadaffi/assad/rest of sheikifats , and where a good example sets a good following sure they don't).

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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