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Friday, December 30, 2011

solsticea 2011 99.8

recently i have commented quitte a lot about the usian presidential elections. useless perhaps and overly ambitious, but it is smeared on the media so widely, it offers excellent cases to reply in the negative.

obama's change? well there is change, but to say it is a very great or speedy one... if it happenned, it happenned almost casually. sideways.

what changed is the political landscape inside and outside usia. what did not change is the trend to take from the poor and give it to the rich. the only really notable kind of change.

oh, i don't think it deserves to much negativity. what was to be expected? to emancipate any and all straight from the most primitive of projections?

perhaps we and obama are doing just fine in all our powerlessness.

more and more i am convinced i will 'root for obama'. not a guarantee for succes i admit, but it worked last time. and i think he stands a good chance. because still he is the symbol, the very justifiable and often isolated symbol, of emancipation. and by virtue of coincedence, (he should really do away with those weird yellow sunglasses of his), it is there for everyone to see.

racism really goes pretty deep. ron pauls weird pink sunglasses for example make no impression on me at all.. so true..

no wait. it is actually not true, i love ron pauls pink sunglasses... obviously..

no wait, that is also not true. i hate it we all need sunglasses as a short term protection instead of the everlasting ozone layer we destroyed.

anyway. ron paul stands accused of being a racist. i did an experiment that i will describe hereafter to test if he was truly a bad guy in the respect.

he is very old over 73, and i dont trust people that age to be in touch with modernity, with reality so to say.

don't want to say they all wear the wrong color sunglasses, but usually they do. they have no grip on what is playing before their very eyes, because they stuffed their brains full of campaignpromises of eras long gone and try to make the politics their own fathers never managed. it ends up not uncommonly to be hugely outdated and out of touch policy's.

that is what i have against ron paul in the person to start with.


he signed a bunch of rather crappy and unfortunately rather pretentious papers, that form a collection of rants, in the racist, in the homophobiac, (so that is why he loves those pink glasses??), and in the antisemite (or so it says, i am not sure, i didnt read that years 1990s garbage). the descriptions have not been descriptive enough for me to judge if it was plain antisemitism, or subttle, moderated, historic revisionism, wich is imho a different thing.

that besides the intentions with what it was written may matter. it is easy ofcourse to overdo things.

anyhow. since i dont have those papers and am not particularly interested either in the kind of talk that is apparently supposed to engage white supremacists etc., i did the 'ron paul racism test,'

science is not reliable without the method. this test however allows not to only test ron paul for racism, it allows to test nearly everyone to their measure of racism.

it goes like this.

first you try not to be a racist, child off, for some 35 years. after that you manage to become "less of a racist then average" and you get a certain leverage with other non racist (ie. colored minority's) groups to be considered seriously interested ' not a racist seeking new rants and barter'

well that is easy ofcourse, life is a dedication somehow.

after you did all this the test is simple. you go to a place where people from a random minority are overrepresented, the kind of place you fear if you never tried for antiracism that is perhaps..

then you think, and talk a bit about the subject (is ron paul a racist?)

the answer will come, in the form of sad looks, sad expressions, noone yet accused anyone of being a most despisable thing aloud in such enlightened company.

they can tell two things.

1: i am looking sad because he is not a racist how could you think such a thing?.

1 is the outcome most preferred by everyone, but not the most common.

2: unfortunately we know he is a racist.

unfortunately ron paul is one. we .... "know". (i know since yesterday:().

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