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Friday, December 9, 2011

the possibillity of change. (occ)

hello once again.

for what the mundane world, the big one, of euro's, hypes about someone's and none's moneys it stays hard to get optimistic, i could elaborate on greed, or the security industry in local media and necronomic offense elsewhere.

lest it suffice here is today's '*great*' example:

halliburton, one such security industrialist schooled-killer-mercenary-rent-outs , mainly and chiefly one that cheney has in his pocket for those that do not observe the news or remember what should not be worth remembering,

aptly figured i allways suppose they themselves decided on "hell-burned-on" after coalescing on the irakis safety "as being bombed", that one..

halliburton? rings a bell? figurehead in the not-so-great shamecases in the public reference for criminality between the rules of engagement?

well it also was at the party on the deep horizon spill, when they blew it up.

the day's news is : they destroyed the evidence of the failed concrete casing.

oh i remember some specifics, that they had not used the required number attachments, that it was not explained that to little cement was used, that there was every kind of indication it was somehow leaking and "compromised" from the tests and logs, and that not a very few people had been signalling the kind of warnings that predict calamity to a professional, wich went largely utterly completely and culpably ignored with the usual note, notes even, of coercion.

not that the last thiong is what i assume they destroyed as 'evidence' but the rest is.

mind you, still this year all 3 partners in the technical aspects of the fiasco have been declared guilty before a some court..

and now even if it was not only about billions, cohorts of people . substantial extinctions and the blackmail of 'the first black president' , for what matter his concerns as to general environmental measure and just as casually the illusion anything near decent could be discharged in terms of social projection, with the ****ing fukushima to add the total and utter disdain for human life and future and nature with regard only for magniminous, discrete and confidential summs of (once again as culpable) "white money".

(the illegal made through secrecy . not holding to safety measures, using dangerous material, cheating a populace, bribing a government, and then the workforce.) "white money".

probably they never even payed taxes over that huge part of the energy expenses in japan.

you think it has not do with another? those 2?

in the case of the nuclear billionaires and their bribed millionaire lobbys and politicians the "whitemail" on obama is : "if you want to go into herstory as a person who did anything remotely good for the environment ,..still, you better shut up completely about the dangers and neglect of nuclear.

since he never doubted the , by the way scientifically very dubious , i find it hard to consider someone so naive, nucleair lobby promotion, propaganda actually, advertising lies.

wich is also what the general people sort of belief because they are thrown dead with garbage confirmin such a lack of notion.

but there is more what i wonder about obama in the context, is he also aware of the complexity of the complot behind the deep horizon spill?

he was not asking for much. only a social program and healthcare. voted in on a platform of control of emissions and environmentalism.

they broke her dream. immediatly.

i'll post the pick on my 'strategy' or actually analyses of activism in the public space,

let me first make my point.

a justice, a court, a department of justice, a responsible ministerium or secretariate, state institutions that define peoples lives over few ill disbegotten pennys,

and to mention.. herstorically, or is that herstorykalli?,

that allows their liason in matters misnomed as 'security', responsible for the deaths of thousands of people,

to just destroy the evidence?

that is no justice. that is no democracy. that is no transparance. that is not a party to be serious about.


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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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