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Monday, December 26, 2011

solsticea 2011.98

what stupifyingly major year.

my last years weather prediction for example. exactly to the point. at least overhere.
locally so to say. the very, very dry river here.

and no matter what chaos in the climate.. that is becoming more structural.

we had more sunny days then usual. 9 of them in summer. mhpf. (grumpf, growl) it's few.


i had a look recently. not close or so, no human wave policy's from mine, confirmative or not that much.

not that good. arny gunderson worried, or actually not so much , about driftwood.
but the real problem is , agreed, probably with the food chain.

there is the 20 msv per japanese child story,
a gross estimate would put their surplus cancer risks at some 500% i think. and the impossibillity to clean the playgrounds or houses. (2)

there is that the evicted from fukushima still pay the mortgages from the housing bubble.
there is a promotion for them to go back. tokyo was once again noticed for being a tad worse then already unadmitted. really, all that and jazz. (3)

sipdis from the yakuzi so to say, labour union stuff. that you know a small detail. a certain phantom in tepco's concept for example.

or just a random 220m3 of some other thing. really in a drain or the other. worst? hell, how relative is that, the 4th and only in one nation shown nuclear explosion at the site?

and the same mantra. 'eventually worse than chernobyl'. mark they planary hold against me the art, imprecise use of language.

eventually worse 12th of february (did it burn the riot date in the mind ..:S i don't think so.

but say it was the 12th. and o0:00 that earthquake put an end to the rusty, unmaintained , not any more modern , reliable or even functional. beyond expirance date emergency gear,

i dont really mind not knowing when .. conform warfogging crime downnumberedly, in those waves
but that is another thing than doomsday machines build to be prepared against the ineventual.

worse then at o0:12.. that point it got about as bad as chernobyl, heh and i that is really to pessimist, not after the second day at all.

that eventually.

12 minutes probably.

if they are not antedate, expired, wrecked, old, worn, amateurishly powered up, weirdly stashed full of cummulative calamity, in short outdated.

but that besides i am supposed to blame no one, i think. for what is basically, a predicted fraude with billions.

all of them did it.

they put it in plastic folio these days. cynical, consider it like 4 simmering nuclear bombs, packed in plastic foli, and it is not even easy, or possible to do, it's slow, and costy in human resource.

with the not that executive regards of a labour unions..

it influenced the weather,

ionised some sphere, near the ozonsphere, it's remnants, did, oloril knows what, make it colder,
thinner, with weird high clouds, that didn't rain..(1)

1 million out of 1.5 go hurray it didn't rain?

sorry to build your secure housing bubble, dust allways comes down way more persistently than rain.

so i don't freaking know. but my initial 800 yrs max, with the more probable scenarios at 600 yrs max , sorteless the moreofsuch privatisation unsutainable catastrophominems

thats is not exactly super.

netherlands has urenco, and as long as you say 'shut borselle' , you are obviously somewhat of an utter nitwitz.

borselle could never mean a tiny thing, if you don't hold a thing against urenco

don't even have to guess it's ss. state secret.
(it's in the educational murdrycullium it doesn't do a thing).

that besads, that besads.

k that is one thing need sad. 2011


(1) months after i stopped my engagemnt for sheer frustration of the lak of advance trhough denial, lies from the fraud, corruption, greed etc.. instead of a maximal attempt at starting safer energy,

the dogs told me, and birds as well, the atmosphere appeared to still be quitte ionised.
when they asked me to pay attention i could indeed still observe some faint differenc in the violet or what is close to that,

for some of them the whole skie has been looking perfectly out of ordre and scary,

allthough, they know not only fukushima, but also: occupy.

(2) up to 5 per 1000 newborn in the americas eg.

(3) brave japanese hunted by the corporate police feed the starving pets that people were misleadingly told they could retrieve little later.


onix said...

the intention of the plastic folio is wrongly to dispersse the pollution. the are there has for to long a time been under radiocative dispersal to make it anywhere near effective or promising.

what is supposed to be (but the climate changes...

the effect, is more of the pollution falls in the ocean, where it is harder to check what hell

onix said...

riotly intended it would be to filter it.

its been 'dispersing' there all the time the plant runs and ran, all the to long time.

the idea of dispersing the radioactive fallout in the steam etc, is itself outdated, it is now not only widely known, but also incidentally admitted the idea can not work, is dangerous, and indeed does not nearly, partly due all the accidents and extra releases with the old nukeR's work as hopefully, and oftentimes just as deceitfully 'expected'.

wich does not mean, i and a few , perhaps not very few people, like me expected.

we expected everything what happened quite precisely like it went allways. i at least.

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