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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

solsticea 2011.. 99

people sometimes say i could be more productive. since what i do really , would really, would really love to, would be

about direct action, civil disobedience, transparance, human rights and dignity,
in short about what i think i certainly must still try to contribute to #occupy

purely technically spoken they are riot.

yet in some way, that i really do not completely understand myself, it is not ''that' easy,

i am familiar with it, ofcourse, i can be pretty neurotic about a few things, not only about producing these thoughts that were materialising with that topic in mind,

i destroy alarms, mh, that one mind you , i do not mind. independently very much if i sleep, for example. and if i don't want to go somewhere my bicycle can just be flat, so i dont allways have to do a lot about what does get me nervous, sometimes it does it for me.

administrative post is my great weakness. it gets me down, depressed, sad and angry. i tend and try for years now not to open any. it was just allways horrible, and very often so utterly useless and injust,
because that is how poor people are treated.

and exactly that hit me in full force when halliburnton was allowed in the full open, attempting to put the blame on anyone

destroyed the evidence.

these sunny ideas? about non-violent change and emancipation of civilian participation in decission making processes..?

dead as a radiated germ in a fresh mango pulp.

i will still try (and make perhaps this year), but i guarantee not the vindication and brilliance i planned it with.

sorry. humans are limited, humans have flaws, and humans make errors.

there's a flaw, here's a flow.

another tricky excuse i suppose people innocently enjoy in the secret even if it is all so plain.

so of all that..
and that is a lot..

basically none of it is "true", something to have a 'faith' in, or justice.

none of that is smart. it is human, and it is 'flaws'

ask the budha in it's endless incarnation of our own joy, and she will answer you:

ice skating? never heard of that.

brrr. ltr.!

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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