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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2012 and the euro

rather had it been 2012 and people, but what attention would that draw, rather the kind of thing to schedule for the summer or a special occasion.

in principle i am a proponent of unified monetary systems. have been that, so much so that i would not feel ashamed to say for the euro you have me to blame, i guess it means my opinion matters.

the reason for that is given transparance the more simple and less diverse administrative functions like money are organised the less it costs, and more important, the less opportunity for fraude there is. especially on macrofinancial scales.

that is given transparance.

however this transparance that would basically disallow immense personal profits, to the benefit of a future, a future climate, a future food production, and a future 'society' in a way to the benefit of us all and all our children is not yet there.

as such the euro is an abusive toy in the hands of the elite that get their power and wealth from such macro'economical' and macrofinancial abuse.

people like a republican in the states that says, we have to have the rich pay even less, wich would mean someone earning a million would get about 250k more,

some people like the todays gossip from london, i dont even know what the pr office (really they "call" financial rating buro ), the instrument of the banks name. wich means i hardly ever heard of it before, and that in turn tells us (me at least) it is a pr stunt,

it said euronations needed to be 'downgraded', ok no news there , it is what the pr of the rich says, but why exactly? oh the overall problems everywhere (usias problems that),

and 'the high labour cost'.

well for us common people we can be pretty simple about it.

what we want is a juster world, a cleaner , not a doomed, and a pleasant to live in.

that means , no greater gaps between rich and poor, not making more poor.

it used to be when people would start working in there early 20s rather quickly they build up a decent wage. not anymore, people go untill their 30s under stressfull requirements and laborous manipulations to keep them poor.

it did never really help, because the story has been the same all these decades

the rich want more, wich they tell by shouting less tax and cheaper labour.

if we get our act together we learn to recognise this standard assortment of excuses to inflict damage on society as a whole and the majority of people in general.

as soon as romeny shouts: less tax for the rich, you know where he is at.

he wants to destroy us and the environment for money.

soon as an institute says that, you can also be sure the people there are rich, and will be even more priviliged even more in a position of abuse, if the other get poorer.

so actually what you hear for 'news', it's only propaganda.

the masses of people that are the victim, probably know well they can also not trust tehirselves,

i can't really trust them, try crossing a street, people tend to be nice in many ways, but on the road, or in the going of the ways of society, they can't really.

still, if we, the masses of disadvantaged, the poor, disabled, the labourers, even the poorer midclass, don't get our act together nothing is going to work.

it will keep on becoming a worse police state.
more of our public space and institutions will be scavenged,
the differences will only grow,
poverty will become really painfull in large parts of the world,
pollution will be incredible,
and the earth will rather sooner than later have to give up the struggle to have us survive.

and all that, we can change, through transparance .. we could.
the other thing we need is actually called trust.

makes reason doesnt it, don't we think of trust when we think of why we cannot easily be friendly with another? like on the street or somewhere else?

that trust is in simple things for the rest,

less tax for the rich is bad.
trust in companys and corporations is dumb, they are for the rich
state is (could be(1)) good , government can be bad, police is usually mediocre, but state itself, tax, roads, insurances, housing, water. electricity, all these together things, are ok or good

it depends what you do with it, but it is good for the majority of us. that is why taxes are good.
small taxes for the small, big for the big. good!

smaller wages is bad.
its allways bad, richer is more powerfull rich.

smaller wages for labourers is a bad tool and it means to hate your fellows.
never believe anyone that calls for smaller wages for the labourer
its simple but it works.

smaller wages for the rich is good. good for us, and very good for planet earth, we can do something usefull with the money.

thats all really,
bout the euro.

to survive it, the mass will have to learn to stick together. one way would be through real transparance, wheres the money, whats the money, wheres it go, all of it. privacy is a pr tool of thr rich and an utter farce. because the good part of it is so dear that we(the masses) defend the bad idea that was made out of it.

wonder.. if this text will be rewritten by self ..

glad to be of service

(1) obviously state can also be bad, as an anarchist i would not want to call it 'state' when we get it working. it is mere proffesional organisation. also the association with authority is to strong, the state should in fact not be an authorical one but rather like a cooperative network, otoh as long as we stick to monetary systems , might as well keep a tax based public institutions and probably in a way, people are really to dumb in general to have a system working without a 'state' riot of here. since a huge part of the problem is in the ways we are made to mistrust one another and get brainwashed with endless rubbish from all kind of rich people that want to tell they or people like them are great, or so, sometimes it escapes me, what would they really have to tell, such empty pr. nobody is perfectly happy, not a poor, not a surgeon, not a millionaire.
no amount of money can change all of that. egoism is typically not a very constructive habit for the rest of the people, that is very wrong with todays values in capitalism.
rather simply cause and effect. capitalism is bad.

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