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Sunday, February 5, 2012

2012 and syrian powersharing everywhere

the history of syria is a troubled one. the old assad really had a bad name. as a baath socialist, and in the western view a dictator that did no better then the other muslim despots.

now the western views are very biased. many people in the west suffer poverty and injustice of many kinds. if you forget about the police state saddam took better care for his people.

yet the baathphilosophy and saddams own taste of power required strict ruling of the unruly sects.

a dogma, to go forward in the development of the arab culture. forward in modernisation and technology. and to work against narrowmindedness, born from ignorance, lack of education and colonialist manipulation, and against intolerance.

in name.. saddam killed 170000 ppl. then came in usia and the coalition of the killing, with already 100000s children dead through the sanctions and killed millions.

theres 6 million widows now in irak that were no widow before.

so what does syria want?

young assad did better than his dad. i am not sure, but so is my impression. overall level of wealth, or so you want consumption rose significantly, and despite contrary events in the region, lebanons invasion, the continuing hassle over israel, the muslim government of turkey, and the invasion of irak amongst things, that gave the syrian regime not allways the room it needed to struggle for that advance and progression.

nevertheless the regime has a rather bad name outside syria, and reknownedly also in syria.
perhaps not with everyone, but with many people. that is no news. i do not remember much of homs 1982, but the events were not allways pretty,

we may assume assad and his sympathisers , followers or the ones that just don't think the other party will be an advancement in fact feel rather desperate, for the first time in decades syria is running a bit and a major part of the populace rises, dreaming on the one hand of elementary freedoms, and on the other hand probably of a material advantage, an improvement of their position, in incomes, positions, lobbying, amd perhaps weirder things, sharia to force women to do work, and clergymen to explain how the rich do everything just fine.

not the most pleasant sight. as in libya there is every reason to worry about killings, vengeance and ongoing disagreement in the nation.

if people don't get together and find a decent way out it may become a biggest mess, in as far as we get informed about what syrians think (my opinion the whole approach i get from 'our' media is very onesided) it is obvious there is against, and "not with against."

i don't like compromise and i do not suggest it, i prefer to shape a workable situation.

with the protests supported by the traditional anti-social nations, usia, uk, europe and other capitalist 1% nations, ofcourse the capitalist vultures and bloodsuckers will be ready to rob the syrians. rob them of equality and in the long term consience, dignity. blast them with garbage adds. that make it acceptable an environmentally friendly person get gassed, almost driven over, exploited by high fees for public transport and registered with every step, and next fined.

after all you had been no danger to anyone.

like in syria immediatly a bank or something like it, will pop up and outsource the existing system. worse when foreign powers needed to play more of a role(sanctions). starving children is something capitalists think deserves a reward,

european common people nor usians can give the syrian people any guarantee it would not be worse.

simply because it probably would be worse. it is worse here, and it is getting only worse, for decades now.

whatever system syrians long for, it should be said it is not the capitalist wests system of expendable slaves and cheap labour. not the approach of maximal support for the rich and minimal options for the poor. not the mentality that allows the dutch parliament to declare a law to leave ppl dying in front of haospital is humane.

really it would be no help. they must find their own way out.

just like every sitting clique, baath and assad has the spoils. they do not want to loose any, but the consequence is allways they need and will. otoh if the impartido, the rebellion just goes for a single object, their succes, they will not succeed in a peacefull change at a great speed, and probably they will loose syria as they know it theirselves as well.

think of it like 20 years back in time. even if you win that 20-40% of suria 'rather has assad', and in fact 'rather has baath', no, in democratical terms there need not be a problem,

the real problem is the capitalist terms, i strongly suspect that the actual guarantee the regime seeks, and actually no other requests are ethic, 'permissible (dont know how to say it that word is a bit strong)'.

so these are requests for a public healthcare, a carefull approach with fuel consumption, federal say in landuse, democratical institutions throughout, educational and womens rights.

social and humanitarian guarantees, that if the opposition is not ready to meet show her as a tool,
not a tool of qatar, or israel or usia or uk and europe , not without some remarks,
it would be a tool of a small clique in syria that hopes to be the new winner of the spoils of war and power. (think "millionaire(its never theirs" refugees "reclaiming their palaces and servants ('property'))

before that i beg everyone to reconsider and find a way out that will leave everyone in dignity,
not talking the imams and presidents, just all the people that are secular, sunni or christian, allawite and maybe even kurd that don't feel safe by a shia renaisance and the shia.

it is a bit unreasonable to ask perhaps, in the light of the problems in irak, and the somewhat scary polarity in iran, unreasonable, yet realist,

if you don't prevail it, prevent it, step ahead of this blues, things will be worse.

i hope i have been clear and negotiations can start on this basis, that we can forfill the request for assad to stand down, and the request from the regime and its many believers(!)(,we have those everywhere), to set out reasonable, secular, internationally recognised principles of equality and human rights, to request a guarantee of a social policy that will not sell out the not to plentyfull richess and resource of syria, not 'privateer on the masses', will not start a new terror or a war for it, that will not lock 10000s up, like in irak or afghanistan, and that also will get done with repression.

if need be to the cost of a few years of consumption growth, you can survive without allways growing fatter,

i hope i will proudly look back at what i write, and everyone in syria with me can be proud,

better late than never (1)


(1) why let the sanctions get worse?

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