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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

change the world

not a bad idea,

what a mess, today i ran into the predictable angry woman against assange, if you do not know how the case went in sweden it is all very suspect indeed, besides sexcases are creapy anyhow.

apparently the kind of libel never fails to work,
contemplate it, he had sex with two women in sweden.

ok perhaps a bit distastefull to so much enjoy your righteousness,
one was a parlementarian, an active person in wikileaks according to some sources, that is however if you concern her political background slightly implausible, a small-wrongwing political stream that is ostentiously courting usia. for favor apparently.

what that has to tell us about usian favors:S

money if no worse, we know they party the usual islamist.

it is a very smelly case, the other plaintive redrew to be only few days later redrawn in the case, it seems also there was some art of foreknowledge, that was mostly an impression, it is not a likeable job to dig through articles about sexcases, soon i found out it smelled truely i was satisfied to my knowledge.

we never hear of her, she stays out of the picture , ofcourse 'to spare her feelings' and i care.. but on the other hand i am so informed she was no alien to the practice of having sex with relative strangers.

what an awfully weak case, what is it for major swedish political forces want to push an awfully weak case contrary to the wish of prosecuters?

nuf about it, but that was nerving.

then there is turkey, merkel will notice, in greece it is no surprise,
does not she know the turks have century old cannons along the bosporus that still beat the english in the first world war?

is there any surprise they fire their rounds in every direction, and does she see how right the greek were in spending massively on french and german weapons?

she ought to know greek, sorry turkish, are like that, did not they allways bombard innocent kurd villages, might not what happen, if we are serious about alexander here, if they get through and at the israeli?

assad must seem a blessed man to her today, wonder if she gets von rumpey to smile.

finally convinced of her true german identity that she ofcourse knows of she will have to return from the akropolis and it's desperate decendents,

having changed little but answered the local desire for a show off she had the most painfull experience of her life, if any ueber german really exists it is her, nobody went through that, the woman do all the suffering.

in that sense remarkably greek suddenly remind turks, you see what that occupation did to them, even merkel is needed to save them.

and.. they don't have icons in greece, noone is holy there, so what to do with a woman like that?

we will see tomorrow, greek man are reknownedly attractive.

so on with the turks, i think they are stubby, well the not the ones i like, but if you say: i like turks, i think you mean : i like man stubby.

hardly anyone dares to admit aloud they like turks, it's like saying ' i like big man', a bit odd and people can think something of it.

perhaps that is the problem with the greek, greek are fond of grace, young girls, okay they have their escapades, but not especially with stubby man, certainly not with turks, well unless in greece perhaps.

the greek turks slowly disintegrate, or so we hope, it is what they deserve, you would almost hope they would end greek orthodox in 2300.

it is a beaurifull tradition, we europeans underestimate it, but if you do one step inside greek orthodoxy it is really as if you step into a very old version of the middle ages, pittoresque to no end.

bit like tibet. religion also dictates who gets in hell and who gets a bankaccount in nations like that. usually.

greek orthodox turks would obviously rise higher than a falling star can fall, i must hope not straight into martyrdom, but i do not think greek are greedy.

except perhaps with money, what a farce, people here paying, what they can afford and the greek buying german weapons, ok nuf said.

i suppose that is the problem with the turks? hypnotised by the greek, and northsyrians now have to hear the result, let's hope at least it relieves the kurds in irak and elsewhere.

typical how carefull syria, uh turkey has allways been with artillery and foreign territory, oh well, would it have a do?

the law they have for bombing syria does.. weird that,

what would that law say? alawites are for this year considered damned kurds?

so that is where we are, obama would like to be glad with the escalation, everyone understands, rasmussen talks utter gibberish, for the informed it means, the military don't give a damn, they never, he couldn't be a general, s'pose he is.

if they don't want to give a damn, it's quite a contigency, it means they want the succes , wether for obama or the syrians or mostly theirselves, and they will not probably wait very long to become involved in any escalations.

that climate will be conductive for an ongoing turkish firework wich can be expected to now and then provocate a new mortar round.

since turkish are the most advanced of all ottoman people, they will enjoy the fireworks if for no other reason than to make sure, or at least convince themselves of the enlarged security assad will not have time to think over countermeasures, besides they are sunni.

that is a point, but anyone can be a wahabi anywhere and what is with sunni?

it's a start.
oh yes, it would be nice to follow ban ki moons course and just put a silent end to this very much much to noisy affair. for one thing noone and not assad should get away with calling huge parts of the population terrorist.


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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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