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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

3 short storms

probably small posts run better, at the moment i am so annoyed with a few things i turn to my blog,

best i first speak about the climate change that did it to me.

been paying to much attention to that storm, even as it struck and the catastrophe as it unfolded was screened, litterally when i had seen the eye of the storm , on a webcam, i love webcams, very practicle research tool if often used, not to near it's full potential.

i love live streams, people should really make many live streams, if we had live streams from damascus there would be no more 'impossible to confirm'. less at least.

the point is ofcourse something needs to be happening before it gets really usefull. however if they don't exist i invent them now, live streaming per mobile phone camera. time for a new gadget, the live stream phone standard (...)

some people could have used a stable platform for the camera every now and then.

you know what, i'll give a few more tips. when you are reporting, so when your lifestream is filming something 'newsworthy' or so, try to give some overview now and then, don't allways focus on the subject but show the surroundings, so things get a perspective.

the media does not do that so much, they tend to the opposite, at least 3 different sequences of the fire in newyork i seen were filmed in such a way it reminded more of dresden burning than a small tip of an island. zooming in on exactly the places one could get a full screen of flames it may have impressed many, not me. (the last one i saw showed only flames , yet looking carefully you would see the scale was that of sheds burning, not streets.)

so citizen reporting could distinguish itself in that respect.

for another example we got an aereal view of houses, impacted by beachsand, the houses were all well btw, masses of slightly damaged houses and beachsand, here and there a boat between the houses.

you have to take very good care to register the few seconds in the ten minutes that the sea is visible at the usual distance of 10 mtr from the first row of houses to know the sand ought to almost be there, and you have to know these luxury beachvillas have channels between and near them not to be surprised at the boats. (i pitty haiti more)

that kind of thing, would be better if registered by citizen reporting. it can also be valuable to get a better picture of the whole, insurance companys or state and ofcourse private persons have much better proof for the scale and reality of events.

scientifically pictures that show the surroundings and scales, realistically, no matter how dramatically (or not) that provide maximum information are ofcourse the more valuable as well.

an example in historic research is that in all the warpropaganda from the second ww, it are the smallest details that are the most revealing, many okish documentarys spend huge effort to find that one picture of a certain model tank or airplane, and when it is about the holocaust the few accidental or sometimes private shots of populations and their situation are among the more visual of available proofs.

so it is historically prooven one has to film that way, and tv will not do it, media will expressly not show the scales, exagerate the detail, and hide what is unwanted.

one lifestream that showed a lot of wild waves and water ahead of the storm went out of the air when it really struck, the sometimes life reports that far gave some indications of things happening that we do not see in the media, 'coincedentually' as it happened the reporting voices didn't transpond and the clues were in mere syllables, look look you see the m.. kgggt kgggt lagging camera, and ofcourse people have to take good care with wiring, zooms back in on bent lamppole.

really funny how during the hour ahead of the storms main impact every reporter (on cnn's stream and maybe not every, but that i seen) stood next to some broken bend or dead lamppost,
i wondered if they purposedly damaged them.

so some of the reporting was actually shocking. saw some what seemed a nuclear rocket battery (a small one 6 cars) or maybe not nucleair, just ahead of the ducks on the interstate 21. (1)

(so that's how ducks safe theirselves, we'd been wondering) after that i didnt retrieve that specific camera, wich was quite boring but had some update on events , most of them going unnoticed in other media.

like one report many , many (did i hear 4000) had to wade for their lives, an horrific scene?? they obviously regretted not being there to film it and tried on for atlantic. but sold the ducks to foxnews.

apparently obamas advises were being headed though. no casualtys we know of from atlantic.

thought for myself , he made them swim in the right direction and see how great it helps.
coincedentually the bulk of the victims we hear of are in the states unprepared for the worst, further from the coast.

in that aspect perhaps it would have been good to show the wider public a bit more of that reality of crashing trees.

didn't cope with the climate thing yet, a un food security research concerned with warming (wich is only one small aspect of climate change) suggests cassave and bananas would replace potatoes, and cowpea could replace soya, only for that to happen the temperature change is on the ordre of ten degrees or so...
they never admitted more than 1.5C in a century but they plan the emergency to grow bananas for potatoes, talking censury...

(1) there has been one more hurricane that i wondered if they had nuked it, but i could not tell what that was, i never thought of it again untill this stream.

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