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Friday, October 12, 2012

vote green!

last election the dutch massively embraced being a 'zwever' (a treehugger)

nevertheless the only option to voice a protest in usia is basically to vote green.

due the grande style of escalating corporate profits managed to spirit away a few zero's after the facts,

indeed one might consider the bald fringe is in the riot, the rest of the world == a bolshevik conspiracy.

so that goes for netherlands the same, there is fringe, conspiracy and green.

there is also pseudo green, (perhaps it ain't and it can go for greener green, however there is the childish factor.

politics is not really childish, ok it is in many respects not in content, it is done very childish but the point is, it is a bad sign.

so after 50% of the people really turned treehugger on the last two days before elections, they didnt vote green.

well didn't, my estimate of seats not rewarded to green hoovers around 10% of populace usually, but there was something of a trend.

for the same reason the lots of talk about "d66" can't be trusted.

people are kind of done with the 'social-democrats' and the everlasting liaisson with the 'not-so-social not-so-democrats.

they fit the profile, ever they did not manage to claim their '66 win. (unrewarded and not substantially claimed tho anecdotical in the 70's still.)

green , it did not manage to bring across the message was actually carried widely.

thats why everyone and their sister voted "sp".

wich means 'social party', in wich the crapitalists suspect enough of a comaprison with 'social democrats'

typical how at-least-pseudo-greener exactly like the bold fringe needs to parasite even the social democrats abb. for credibility, that between.

so people could have voted green. but they do not see a treehugger where there is one, and hugged on.

ofcourse in the most enfuriated anti-sp campaign that was called 'election time', green snowed under.

i don't know, perhaps it is they allow theirselves to be duivendakked?

perhaps it is over afghanistan, where is that P from pacifist?

perhaps it is because 'we' the 'not so very upperclass' people that much supported them tend to make louder, clearer and harder claims?

or because we suffer trying to keep our nation a place worth living in?

nevertheless these are old complaints and have nothing to do with current people so much, nothing even with their calm but somewhat distant campaign.

it feels closer to a life and death experience as to an civilised game over not-so-very-much-pointscoring.
elections like the one of obama made it that relevant.

and what is the afterthought?

apparently our cartoonists and columnnists , and the redactions all lack the talent to get beyond taking personal aims at the women that represented green.

that it is the liberal joy of taking it out on a more righteous policy escapes the public.

had in mind writing about that for days, can't take dutch politics and elections very seriously.

look at it this way, if a multinational like greenpeace is the figurehead of the social democrats, and works together with the 'briberals'(lieberous), at least the whales should not have much to suffer in their quests for employment.

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onix said...

i'll leave the 'comaprison' of theirs this time. very funny and very distracting.



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