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Friday, October 12, 2012

nobel peace prize

there could be a tad of humor involved,

'on second thoughts we should not have given it to obama we should have given it the eu'
so for sake of humor let me assume some objectivity in the (dedicatedly christianly convicted) norwegians.

it is like a bit of good news between the martyrships of malala's and their syrian sistren.
norway is hinting: look people of madrid, spain, italy, and greece, at least you started no civil war.

or it is even better, we, the eu, von rompuy, me and the rest have made the subtlest diplomacy.

apparently rasmussen is not considered a part of eu. norwegian intelligentsia appear convinced pentagon decides the moves and moods of nato.

or we get the nobel peace prize for allways being apt at stating, "we will help you against every agression" after choosing side we are on.

what does it have to do with afghanistan? nothing. ok.. i agree with norway once more, the attacks on iraq and afghanistan are better not considered a part of serious history at all.

finally serbia, it is better if we forget about serbia...

forget about yugoslavia people! its been peace in europe for 50 years!

the one case i am proud of europe in international politics is belorussia,

the exagerated thrill of dethroning one more agricultual slavic nation was toned down and with putin marvelously defusing most of the speculations around missileshields it has all not been so bad.

personally i do not see why did they not exclude the polish?
that near catastrophe was due polish giving in to their inclination to believe anyone english speaking who is not english.

finally gets what is against wahabi's..

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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