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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

death penalty for mummy

How to get death-penalty for mummy

The egyptians are to blame, but the whole world suffers, somewhere in history they decided that the remains of those that in life had been extraordinarilly useless or usefull would be an excellent excuse for future attrocitys.

It worked out that it got progressively more easy to get death penalty for mummy, so that now on the open and more hidden channels it is the more common interhuman death cause.
This proofs to us we shouldn't delay this deathpenalty for mummy. Every delay will disrupt our natural evolvment into total mummification.

Since it is obvious too the arms-wielding majority death penalty for mummy's must be used to show the lack of dead peoples good intend. Only life people can have good intends. Wich is the major ethical problem arriving through death for mummy.

actually it calls for severe persecution for mummy certainly, by monopolising live peoples good and bad intends one could after all disrupt our mummification.

The importance of the mummy overrides the individual humans future,so much is obvious, the archaic system proofs. Dead people can't complain.

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