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Monday, March 12, 2007


(warning ahead, although i try to introduce a lot of jokes there is no way this need to be considered a 'nice' story, it is scary.)

the essence of the situation for the palistineans is hardly to claim palestine . It is in essence the right to claim palestine identity.This right has not been an easy one, so if we don't consider to give the palestines their rights, to live a live of equal standard and identity in palestine, but restrict theirs to specific parts of the territory, we should have some respect for the sincerity of history.

In most respects, 1968 is the period 'of what my father said' if only one side is expected not to remind what their fathers said I don't see well how such disrespect could ever lead to mutual respect.

However if this is the place and time to solve all this i don't know. I guess certain problems are not 'the earlier the better'solved.

Obviously from my remote perspective the westbank and east jeruzalem situation appear very much a palestinean case as well. I find no justification for the revenge on a people that had been discriminated. I think that was a wrong decision made on the wrong grounds in that time.

In fact i am only completely before integration of the (2) population groups. On many places we need to learn to live in a world we share, and not all kinds of diversions and distributions will bring future good.

It is also a historical and perhaps unimaginable truth palestineans have perceived the traditional situation as repressive. So in that case it must be obvious that the standards had been a different set of rules.(namely basicly rules applicated to everyone )

The next reason for this is that when palestine is a prosperous area the current palestinean territorys have been untill this point in history starved to the bone. well i hope not, but recent supranational policy has not shown that much respect for the need of palestinean people. That means not only that they are in a bad state of development but it also means they are ill equiped to become a better file, even if no loads of exceptions, regulations and arrangments would burden such an isolated stripe. Anyhow at this moment the influence over palestineans affairs has been complete.
I don't even want to justify this outside the usual terror of a criminal government over minority people.But i realise some people have realised that when u discriminate people
for long enough they will become discriminated.(international boykot)

Even when people like ahmedinajaadh and mine interesse in the sociopolitical accuracy of every story's contexts overrules some interests, what it shows like in people without a tough and broad knowledge around these subjects is perhaps not worth relating it. However well-intended they also derive their own abhorrent conclusions over abhorrent affairs.

another thing unmentioned, is why would not be a somewhat-jewish state in that location be doomed to fail by lack of space? Who knows if that is in fact the matter. Thats it is just some mechanism of negative feedback for to many people. And that indeed not only the west bank but also the attack on libanon can be viewed as some kind of 'unleashed' territorial agression objectively only. Ask a palestinean how much space u need to offer a decent cultural life
to a jemenite?

It seems that the limit of sadness permits many jokes with history.yet it is not everywhere the time to make a joke over palestines.(it's the boykot) Meanwhile i can wonder if they have had palestineans that can think such a thing shot. wich is relevant. The relevance of recognising palestinean identity.

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