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Tuesday, March 13, 2007



Recently kasparov has been complaining over corruption and even repression in russia.This is the most significant event in the whole row to bring down putin , for me.
I wish (or perhaps not) he had called some examples instead of sticking with the same ancient formula of acccusations against sovjet russia. Corruption is rampant on many places, and establishing yet another so and so free market at top speed is no guarantee at all for a halt.
Actually it seems that the slower/calmer transition phases are implemented the better the result and also the more peacefull.

Russia , sovjet russia, has a history with immense aspects of corruption to cope with. This is largely due to poverty, so we may assume yet still in russia there are people in need.

The next aspect is much harder to understand, the repression of (some) free press, (not of eg. kasparov and many others that raised their voices), however personally i have not found russians scared to voice almost any opinion. I perceived them as people that placed themselves in a world that was actually quitte much like the world i was in. A rather realist people. I wish i got an explanation why this wouldn't work, instead of only accusations. Putin doesn't semble saddam much, but the problems of the contemporarys of the chechens do tend to manifest in a similar shape that is pretty warlike and awkard.Quitte possibly; for this you cannot blame the chechens, but also you cannot blame putin. (he has some reason to be scared)

And then more. Because this to is not what apparently kasparov is talking about. The thing is, kasparov is a hippy perhaps, he doesnt realise that everywhere in the world people get harrased, beaten up and arrested for protesting and voicing their often just opinions.
That not the killing of journalists but nonetheless the silencing of voices is an equally intolerable control. It is just a question.

I can also imagine putin lets go of to much of the national (and knowing him regional(does it help?)) sentiments in his own struggle to achieve things. i dont have to explain do i?;)

it only proofs national sentiments are a national responsability.

so when kasparov and the commision for modernizing education of police personel have reached their conclusions we are still dependend of the voice of the media and the people to maintain the peace.
please realise: inciting hate really doesn't very well pass the measure of : "i feel my press is free" objectively anywhere, if you want everyone to be equally free as yourself. and that is not personally to kasparov at all. (we see a shamefull load of rubbish that had often better not existed)

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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