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Thursday, March 8, 2007

sex (2007)


2007 seems to become the year of the sexrows. After we had the israelian ministers giving impressivly horrible kisses to female soldiers, after we had the polish do an uncatholic research into someone births authenticity (in that case apparenly the woman was courted by more then 1 man..)now we have japan playing up, we have the iraqi collective denial of singular and possibly multiple rape cases, wel isn't it the 2nd sexrow in irak this year?

I have my own convictions about this matter.As far as i know sex is so abouts the most important commodity to keep man fighting. Not only the traditional classic or medieval army had an immense train of 'marketensters' or wever they are called in english, i am also properly aware of the huge bordels that laid behind the ww1 front on the western side, and knowing the germans they probably had an exact same institution. At least they provided their soldiers with loads of condoms through ww2.

In netherlands the (ww2) germans had their girls usually through brothels as well. It has been well known how after the war people so much liked to harras prostitutes they actually harrased so abouts all agents the resistance had placed in those bordels (preferably soa infected, we did that.. go figure.)
so the next point is not , have there been brothels.. it is how went things there. And for another matter, how do these occupational forces arange this in those days.
ofcourse i can't check asian brothels but i read (some of) the '92 reports and it is a lot of sadness. However i am well aware prostitution and sadness and sexual harrasment go together. Actually one of my reactions was to blame the local 'world' (it's close to mine where i live now),the local 'life' for some of the abuse. and guess what, that is exactly one of the things the japanese do. Blame local 'contractors'.

For someone that has an interest in sexuology and lives in netherlands it is very easy to figure out how that could go off.
Nevertheless i think japan overdoes as long as it doesn't dare to complain over the current practices in this world. They probably got so annoyed over the case they forgot what it is all about.
Harrasment of woman through soldiers. According to not a few generals,the standard warcontribution of the female part of the population.

No what annoys me is aljazeera whining over the japanese. What reasons do they have to whine? the only thing i can think of is that they dont dare to admit to the proportion of sexuality exposed in their own countrys. And they are so right? i think they are right to be so worried. Because *I* don't believe iraki soldiers fight without brothels. And since they are supposed to occupie themselves, they will definetly have something to deny for some time to come.
However i honestly think the world will become a better place through respecting the position of woman (including sexworkers but that is hardly the subject to my regret) then through providing brothels to man with the object to make them kill other man.

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