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Friday, October 9, 2009

nobel prices

it is not that i think i deserve none, what were they called? mdd's mcc's? the physical price, these i admire.

the chemical price was misplaced, that could only have been a medical price i think. ribosomes? wtf, does it get more biological?

or maybe that was medical after all, can't remember the chemical one then. mcc's that transmit photon into date are chemical to an extend. anyway, the german that double-charged all existing battery's and accu's got his share to , some years ago.

okay that was a chemical price right? mh.. it's pretty physical.. so 7 molecules is chemical, don't some have circular chromosomes and all spiral?

bother aproximations of infinity. 1 photon solar cells.
or perhaps (why not) that is aproximately. next we get charged particle disturbance and we can measure the photon of tomorrow.

it is anyhow wonderfull, so a photon travels aproximately faster then light, and it crosses a scale that is to small for most particles to notice, what is actually smaller? a photon or the vacuum in a H atom or is the vacuum in an U atom actually smaller? maybe it is like with planets, and the vacuum get's smaller over time.

uhm i guess i was supposed to talk about obama here..

nobel peace price, together with Meir, Herschell, Ben gurion, Ohlmert, Abbas, Arafat, the rest of the usian presidents, the ones of egypt since 1945, and aung see kyung, the widow of the prince on the white horse, or?

she's in the news as well, 'coincedentually' today. (1)

must say i witnessed she was peacefull twice, i am not rili interested in her, can't help it, i don't like myths, i don't like capitalist throne candidates, got to distrust them long ago.i don't like usian interference, walt disney politics.

ofcourse like any other militairy rulers the generals in myanmar look like a succesfull circus of clowns. i allways think that when i see the public expressions of militairy rule. yet people with necktie's look horrible as well. obama's necktie's.. aung see kyung ever drafted herself a 10000 euro suit?

did you know neckties originate from the times of the hashashins? that they were a means of escape from liquidation ,the venge of the emperor?
seems usefull, doesn't it?

mm has been usefull a few times in this life. i love obama's neckties, he can wear them with pride. neckties are like a self acclaimed medal, and these days they sometimes come without a belly.

putin's neckties.. oh that's got nothing to do with nobel peace of course.. putin.
ahmedinajad's lack of necktie's? lovely. but i think his skirts are to nice to go with a suit.

fatigue's i like. the picture of chavez(modest, red decorum) or fidel(fatigue's) is not ugly to me.

ofcourse obama doesn't get a peace price for the necktie he wore in japan, (he anyhow opts for imho solidly horrible colour blue a lot),i think he get's it for the missile shield, this is europe after all, many here want peace, cooperation and reconciliation with russia.

or.. or.. is it a another cover-up-israel-war peace price? an exploit of the credibility he earns? a way to tell us that starving gaza for another 40 years to come is good? i don't know about that. i fear it matters a lot, the best reason to give him that price is after all publicitory, we need the disarmament and cooperation, a heap of things are running better then before, and people need to believe that. it must be tempting to reap a profit there.

(1) perhaps i actually think so many 1000's people in a nation deserve one, there is allways a few to deserve it better, so i dislike these choices of the elites.

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