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Thursday, October 8, 2009

ship on an ocean of syrup

poor all of us, what a sticky times we live in. it must be old ideas. i wonder if anyone would still be interested in what is new.

well let me start with guinnee, omg. that's not much, i get the impression camaro and some diplomats tried to get something going, but all(..?!) the opposition, so i suppose the ones handpicket by some, prefer to stay in hiding. yeah maybe they are right. perhaps there should be something more reliable to represent that fabulous, almost untouchable superthing of democrazy.

Just something material, soon as one dictator dies , like in guinnee, the un intervents, they send a concrete election cake for the ppl to chew.

at least they can choose: green , red, pragmatically red, make belief local 1, make belief local 2, something that will be called centrists, and will be right wing, and something that will be called liberals, and will be a party for all the autocrats and promote fascism.

then we can start a credible election fraud before we start killing the people.
okay.. uhm.. killing people.

people died there yes? a whole lot of them, 157 probably. apparently more people have died there that such a number casually occurs. oh wait, it was a
and the cops and militairy are quite the same people..

i think it doesn't really tell if it is enough to judge camaro here, i just don't know, hirelings..? well it's next door.., and uh.. if i am not mistaken the socalled " democratical opposition" is the dictators bunch, that wouldn't be the great leap ahead either.

it's a terrible number of deaths, and the people should insist on him stepping down,
but there should be the option to vote for his game i guess, and uh... in madagaskar actually all the world cried out the murdering president should stay,

and in yemen? none of them cry out anything about yemen, where there were like 100 deaths on the first day of the offensive 3 weeks ago, ok the magical word iran fell.

Very sad profiling, k, yemen. its the same old stupid story, concurence, market, one of the groups has the power, and they love the other nothing. the whatever, huatu?
group is a remnant of a nationalist group that has been engaged by parties to fare war before, for their culture, lands, language, and since they cut all the tree's 1000's of years ago, religion.

that's why a lot of declaredly religious people are so much against green, if we all respected nature there would be no market for religion.
(that's a joke but a political reality)

mh.. iran.. what can i say to bring more attention to my dear iran, ha, did you hear a nucleair physist or some such got abducted/defected? poor guy, wernher von braun avant garde, i guess he gets a nice job.

what is the philosophy behind it, yet another blow to iran, i think . a bit sad and under the guirdle, sticky.

mh next gaza, mitchell has been send to gaza to negotiate,
with a 3 weeks cease fire the israeli's will dare to go to gaza and debate with mitchell on how quickest to solve the blockade, abbas will also be there, but not allowed to leave. for a compromise the israeli envoy's also only get 24h acces.

mh , can't invite abbas. ok will have to do without. i don't mind. well 12 hours should be enough for the israeli's then, it's the security measures that are prohibitive.(big problem in rio as well, but they will put the capitalist representatives on a boat). i forgot to propose to ask the usians to lend us an aircraft carrier for that, so their athletes can train a bit.

no you don't have to thank me mitchell, ask the israeli's to write you a poll and you will think mormon's are real democrats.

k next.. total windpower this year was not as much as has happened before, ok that is coupled with heaps of catastrophic storms, but that does not at all have to do with unpredictable effects of humans destroying the ecosphere, it's a sign capitalism is perfect. mh, that's the economical revenue the capitalists make these days on al jazeera.

but i understand from the wider world most people are really compasionate with nature, earth, and when they have the information, climate and ecology. so perhaps 2009 will bring something good after all,

what we should get in denmark is a cooperation that is both mutual and well i think proportional *is* the best word, proportional.

developing nations get the right to develop their consumption to the same level as usia, (that has been consuming the most for ages), they are obliged however to implement any costefficient innovation. the mutuality being that the developed nations, with their predictable greater reserves of knowledge, material and ghost money are held to exchange such viable technology freely. there will need to be provisions to make it happen. china is somewhat developed, and somewhat organised, but india and many other nations are well behind that by any standard.

so.. then it will be easy, since we have more facility and preparation, more experience with the damage, (so perhaps more expertise to know where to start or what exactly to prevent first) we are a better testingground, as soon as such technology get's available it is our responsability to hand it that huge part of the world we never admitted development.

ofcourse technological exchange in that sense can be all mutual, but you might also want to hand them some "capitalist" advantages for 40 years or so.

ha, did you hear it is now scientific, the heating of the earth's crust is bound to produce earthquake's. it's all so simple, why is it so hard to accept reality for what it is? clear, lovely , simple and infinite.

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