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Monday, October 12, 2009


yesterday i finished an old draft, called afghanistan, but for some reason i cannot reset the date. so if you didn't notice, it is at 24 january 2009.

why not... pakistan,

today i read hizbul al islam is the western allie for south somalia.. because (look it is not my idea to make it this ridiculous) it is now "al queida representative in somalia'.
apparently there used to be another thus labelled..

when usia talks about hizbul in lebanon or palestine.. oj,oj.. meany beastyness nastism is all they have to offer.. but here..

soo, once again a serious problem with many important causes and roots is al kaidaished.

al queda is an usian invention, the first mention of the name is in cia documents about setting up terror attacks to blame cuba. like hamas is first mentioned in israeli notitions.

however it seems it has been drawn from the cupboard more recently then the cuba crisis,
and.. since now we have to read that word in the papers daily, it better gets an explanation.

so: what is an al quada??

firstly every movement of people against repression is often called the "base". like in grass'roots'.

as soon as you want to talk about basic matters, you are 'an al quaida'. the animal cruelty al kaidah, that is against torture of animals, the environment al kajda that thinks a healthy environment is a human right, the baskish al quaeda that speaks baskish, the kurdish al quadai,
that now has a safe haven in irak finally, the irish al queda that is a defaitist movement anouncing peace every 3 months, the myanmar al quajda that wants either uniforms or macdummolds, whenever you are something against it, it is basically the base of your offence.

basic.. al quaidah.

there is a famous writer, who invented an al qaida, "the foundation" that would try to take care for humankind.. for this militarist / capitalist system drives her to the deepest spaces in the universe, but in the end.. they succeed, the ideal human is born, (or perhaps they had a better objective)

I think it is not a coincedence cia took this name to paint an enemy.. the vision of asimov is very powerfull and indeed a organisation that would persecute ideal targets, their greatest fear.

so there you have "al quaidah" or? or should we really make the distinction tribalistically, the south somali al queda, the north somalian el qaida, the east somalian al koueidah. etc???

and when we want to throw a bomb, we just throw it somewhere, and someone would allways be hit that does something capitalism doesn't like.. usually people with ideals are on the receiving side of bombs.

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