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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

rwanda sociocide

hutu oral history

one day the tutsi's came,
(a white cause was to blame)
they lied and
then they beat us
then the white man came, and they
and the tutsis beat us.

simple.. and so on and so on.. untill 1994

okay in 1994.... the tutsi's had many police car
many gun's
machine gun's
normal cars

beat the hutu..

can you still follow the story?
all kinds of discriminating laws (truely anchored in colonialist inheritage)
were in place..

nothing special so think the trade partners,

it's like that in kenia isn't it?
and we try to make it like that in south africa.

soo one day through the rise of radio.. and newspapers
and parliaments and as south africa shook of racism,

people shook of racism,

and they knew no way then to kill all the racists that had allways been killing them,


this is why they say: the revolution kills her own children
but not many people feel it that way.

and yes the first moment it happens, the western world, that has the biggest nukes and tanks
doesn't realise what is happening (oh it is a revolution killing her children)

what was happening is that every tutsi in the whole of rwanda appeared as one that was thoroughly inbred not to ever respect a hutu, that each of them would after be out for revenge,

so many of the tutsi were dangerous to every individual hutu
discriminate against every individual hutu

say that they are better in evrything, and the hutu's very bad,

that it all went wrong,

now one more of the hutu is captured and on trial,
someone that choose his people over the tutsi people,
an intelligent man.

sometimes in such a case, experience tells us, it is better to kill children as well..
otherways foreigners will come and bomb all the nation

to give it to the children, again
so maybe you need an intelligent man

to take care that the tutsi's that will probably
be put back in a position of power

have something to fight over
instead of fighting hutu's

some hutu's will that way survive

to have it different, we will have to change something about money

you can't change anything about revolution,
because revolution can only live up to existing justice
or create her own.

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