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Sunday, October 18, 2009

blasted rights

what i feel hurt is hard to describe,

i have felt hurt before, like this, i can feel it in my shoulders, and the sides of my neck feel tense when i try to write. i take a lot of time to tell you this, and my sides, my cheeks, my heart my whole chemical system reacts.

~someone saving my heart here:)~

like i have been crying. and more strange feelings, of narrowness and confining numbness,

i have it on a couple of occasions, but is typical it occurs when i try to write now.
saltI, at some point. the first attack on irak, the creation of the balkan war, brutality in police
and contempt for the law in politics and justice.

trigger that feeling , that make me wonder how we can all escape fascism. the police states that noone wants, and the exploitation through unconstrained financial malversations in the name of capitalist economy(2)(3)

Do you know the word criminalisation?
it is a procedure that can continue for decades, or longer, i don't know. It means to put people in problems, give them faked (and when they get angry real) charges, and tabloidisation.(4)

ofcourse political european fascism these days is semantically non-anti-semitic, but it is the policy's for the people that are anyhow their victims that decide wether they are fascist, oppressive, abusive, and a liar. that need not be heard.

but that is beside the point, because political people are far beneath rights. rights are over the people and people over the rights for that, but political people have a different position with rights and law.

they are far beneath it. law is just and rightfull, housing is a human right.

change is not continuing fascist processes of criminalisation and cowardish backing for nazification that is actually only an extra illusion before admitting the complicity.

(1) why feel hurt through a politics that depends on profiling extremist authorianism.
(2) a few enemy's of the people allways manifest as different games or party's, but condensely their aspects are interdependend components of this arms-trading consumer-capture complex.
it is still the militairy industrial complex. next eg. the usians have a lack(x) in aprehension for
moral aspects in arms industry (and pharmaceutical, bio engineering etc..) in many positions.
this as a result of tabloidisation , so a deep sigh here. anno 2009 of tabloidisation.
(3) empty building 'instead of human rights' to serve a next hypocrit crisis.
(4) and a lot more problems and negative publicity(a). Including endless cases of contempt for the law by any court or jurisdiction. a lot of violence, including rampant escalation, provocation, malversating interference. this is not only a sane tolerant people. we have an active class of oppressors. don't even want to touch on the subject of social function or political motivation. it gets surrealistic when you see the exploit. what an exploit of the masses trauma's.
it is the oppressors telling the people of peace they have managed to make people tolerate hate,
believe hate even. But hah, you should feel the people. 160m or 16b
(a)there is different effects of tabloidisation eg.; negative, extra, etc..sick feeling

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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