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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

leakout ivorycoast

what do you think will be the leakout of this?

i still have high hopes. mostly that everything gets published. however, this is a sour planet indeed. you cant make a joke, bc ppl will take it serious, and you can't be serious, bc ppl will make a joke out of it.(so i have my informers in the chinese parliament??)

i quit reading the cables for now, if really only the way to get to them will be the encrypted file, i can jump to what interests me at that point, and worse, if i dont get it working i have a lot of time to look at the remaining ones, so some of the fun is gone.

however i want to write about ivorycoast. in hindsight i am curious what dutch tv showed and said, for fun value mostly. i can guess.

the point is it feels like ivory coast is the hostage of usia.
for starters i think and wrote my suspicion is the western world wanted gbagbo to win, well with the cables still forthcoming they all decided to support Qattari.

however there is no follow up. i think ivory coast is the cia's hostage inhere.

i wonder if i say something they don't like, will they light the fire of war?
if something happens in relation to these cables they don't like, i don't mean as a result really, more in terms of continued pressfreedom..

i know how it feels to be blackmailed by machinations, and i feel like that.

so i watched when aljazeera had a topic. quality journalism i say, you don't usually see a discussion as revealing on tv. not here.

the best thing about gbagbos ambassador was his sense of humor.
basically he said, if usia can use a republican constitutional court to fraudulently elect bush it is legal. why not here? he didnt use the word fraudulently ofcourse.

next he said, the guys from the north (sorry to say for all the secret loving diplomats but my opinion their collegues are trashy when it comes about justice) come and kill.

an argument with an impact, however it lost him the debate.

a refugee, woman, pointed out he came to power through deathsquads, through intimidation, and through a coup with no elections.

i think only one thing, when will we finally start respecting african lives and people.

free the hostage, open the secrets that put dictators in charge.

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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