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Friday, December 24, 2010

anarchist fireworks

according to some news anarchist firework bombs exploded near two embassy's in rome.

1 being the swiss embassy, the other left unmentioned, and therefore the great confidential one, the usian embassy.

in both cases an innocent person got wounded under supervision from the police that draws comparisons with a bomb containing neither explosives nor a ignition (as if that would be any use).

now what is the question is to deduce wether the honourfull exposing of lethal police strategys concerning light firworks or even non explosive materials bears any relation with anything.

perhaps after all now discontent wit the grab and hold culture of the rich is sticking it's head out of the sand all over europe and the equally fooled north american continent, where btw gentech is running thoroughly rampant these days, it is time to incriminate political correctness beforehand.

so taken some circumstances into consideration, what are the options.

an anarchist action?
an autonomous action?
a secret service action?
an otherwise organised european action?
plain old bearded osama?
old italian rightwingers?

something else?.

the way the police operates around teh action suggests perhaps an other then anarchist action is the case, they are better known to get bystanders in harms way to criminalise straightforward marxist splinters.

however the extreme inseverity of the bombs, despite the police ebst efforts noone apaprently got really seriously wounded, suggests indeed the kind of action in solidairty with greek exporters of individual pieces of fireworx.

in the case an autonomous group with anarchist inspiration is behind this obvious attack on secrecy and totalitarianism in the worldwide media and commerce, and not the police on some political gluestick tour, a word of warning is on its place.

secret services and police apparatus are perfectly well equipped to turn even the most insignificant direct action into a terrible and unlikely bloody failure. in my opinion it is best to check not only that the police can evacuate the place, but also that noone will actually be there,
certainly no low rank officers either. especially it seems when things are already constructed to do minimal harms, services would hesitate even less to try and construct a sad and populist example.

a smile here over stockholm. scandinavia is thus backward in a way they still consider it feasible to fool the public implicitly. if you know how to blow up a bomber, you know you are blowing a bomb only for the effect.

a secret service action. this is allways possible, in the case of strange and wicked actions at strange points in time, camera observation in a place like rome etc. taken into consideration.

given their unexplained presence at the scene, the option cannot be disgarded immeediatly at once.

however i think we see a youthfull autonomous action strongly bound with the freedom of expression, information and the struggle for transparancy. a firework bomb from roman and greek origin.

a classic one then;)
i do agree with the italian comrades, be they within or without the services, that leading by example in the mission for a free society is not the monopoly of anyone, should not be the monopoly of the united states, and that the idea bin Laden would be the only one to show discontent on a sad footing with repression is ridiculous.

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