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Monday, December 6, 2010


something like this tells a lot about the whole of the message ofcourse.

(C) The Qatari government's appreciation of U.S. training and technology presents numerous prospects for U.S. engagement. We know that Qatar will need trainers, assistance on selection of physical security equipment (such as delta pop-up barriers, fences and anti-vehicle berms), nonlethal weapons and tactics, and other technological equipment (CCTV, etc). Offshore protection is an area with the greatest potential;

it's diplomatical language or so it says and what sticks behind really,
let's start with GOQ 'appreciation', what if they hate it? (they don't like the claim on foreign equipment and facility usia are making)

prospects is golddigger language. engagement is: we do what we want and do that with weapons if we like. so it says, despite that qatar doesn't like our weapons programs, we see a splendid opportunity to make money, if they like it or not.

well at that point i am still curious, golddigger language okay, militairy terms for economical claims, well you have to see it even in the papers.. reads on, fences barriers:S? if they think they don't need them what is wrong with you, you might think.

they don't want qatar to look like the average muslim or qatari is an insane, certainly when the only thing really dangerous to be around tends to be the people offering to roadblock qatar.

at least i guess so. except for the ppl selling the TV's most people are not really enthusiastic to bodyscan the whole world for the sake of a misleaded christmas terrorist or the next weird story.

if its so easy to catch the craziest guys for wanting a thing like that actually you should start the therapy immediatly. if on the other hands there are no such people and only such storys, by creating a roadblocked world with gunpoints all around we are sure to get it.

incidents have allways been, and however we squirm they will as a matter of scales become larger. so even if the GOQ does like it, there might be plenty of people opposing the odd theory.

with less police on the street i like it better. i even feel safer, people are different. usians have a preoccupation with putting out stuffed up militias everywhere in nations that have never proven to cope in a political way with a normal militia. or cops or whatever.

senseless. back to the topic. selling arms. so i wondered still a bit.. after the row of prospected sales. offshore protection has the greatest potential..

potential. riot. if you blow a well they buy a vessel? potential is not anymore golddiggerlanguage.
it's explosive expert language, it's also if you put battery's into something. the machine is there, and you know it is going to work. and economically what it means is , even more money.

it's not an area to deserve attention, it's one with potential, and with CCTV they would be the only ones to enjoy the views of what really goes off.

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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