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Saturday, December 11, 2010

on julian assange's pro and persecution

promise is a promise even if it can't allways be held.

the history as the case unfolded to me is weird.
it started with accusations and anouncements in the media: assange had sexcharges against him, perhaps it was immediatly or else a bit later it said it concerned two swedish women.

the headlines featured everyday that assange was charged for sexcrimes.

i just waited curiously if any detail would accompany the accusations at some point.

the usual item featuring sex let alone sexual abuse get's portrayed, the usual charge described.
i have still to see a mainstream story about it, without the need to first click links and end on some faraway page i mean.

anyhow under the endless number of accusing headlines no single detail was mentioned on aljazeera.

i asked.

i kept looking, though not searching, and after some weeks of empty accusations checked wikipedia. knowing it is not very reliable, but nevertheless would outsource the nothing complete indescriptiveness the media featured,

i really got curious , if nothing is published but libel or inflammation, the story would smell far and from.

a real sexcase, certainly one involving half, whole and unwanted or wanted celebrity's and not the single juicy details? i couldn't believe my eyes. i have never seen such contrary publicity to a sexcase.

story as it stands now.

assange stayed the night with a lady, she said he raped her, at least so said the media, then she said he didnt rape her, but went naughty or bad (she didn't appear bruised or so) after.

there was another girl, later, younger, 20, suitably more anonimous, perhaps they need a kidney or so, because first she joined in, lucky find, then she stepped out of the thing, then somehow she suddenly was in again with no mention of her being out.

one story is the aforementioned older lady, "a feminist" and of some christian splinter,
(so no feminist), a parlementarian, went jealous when he quit on her, and states that abandonement constitutes rape. (wich could apparently be the case in sweden)
todays lawyer told a whiny story about rape and/or molest, not quite obvious.

her lawyer is (was?) a member of parliament, she might have another now.
an obviously political means to exert political pressure.

could be something else, a very obvious means to exert political pressure eg.

i even doubt it is lawfull, even in sweden. to have a lawyer that is an mp for a case of an mp.

isn't it confidentially forbidden to raise doubt about the persona of your nations government as a judge eg.

a very, very political case then.

now he is in jail, drugged i suppose, they often do that with bright minds.
jailed despite it is for a hearing,
probably contradicting english law.
possibly extradited, despite it is against that law, and probably many others.

a mp that wouldn't file a complaint for rape the next day, but wait untill a second 'opinion'?
thats a bad example. for an mp that boasts an interesse in womens affairs.

thats the case against him

all i know about it. and it is plenty to proof him innocent.

the docs about sweden describe the servile attitude the rightwing swedish government exposed,
we see someone aiming for a ministry, an opportunity to talk with ambassadors, and be wormly even hottie received in usia.

what would that look like ?

that kind of hospitality for a lady like that?

she'd be happy with the dug up corpse of michael jackson? or aim for a better dead?
i am curious what is the "case" now.

again something different i'd guess.

solidarity! solidarity!
free the dutch (wikileak ea.) prisoner children.

prince charles should have his plaincloths pay for interupting his right on protest.(nice trick with the paint tho, handy they came in to keep ppls hands clean), just don't shout nasty stuf at the camera and for the crowd next time.
potus they know about a millimetre through gps.

even outside of his car they gps charles. (these cars have gps standard and he has a driver with wosname, "i cant read maps mapper"?

btw it follows he was attempting to join the protest,(forever the student) so he kind of attacked his own car right??
icitement and lies abound.
nothing is below honour

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