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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


palileaks or rather had i wrote livnileaks, but hers being a spouse of israeli establishment she rocketed out of obscurity that much to recent.

I'll collapse the story as i know it now, because there is an indiscrepancy between western reporting and al-jazeeras. i.o.w. i expect western readers to be less informed then even me on the subject.

first this: by no means israel and the cojourning negotiations are my favourit topic. howevermuch fed it on daily, random and schemed basis, it remains distastefull and shrill, both as a factor of pali, israeli and regional politics, but also on the stage of international relations and developments.

(in fact results of all "effort" (that is if there really acually was any) and ongoing negotiations are extremely boringly minimal. there is usually rather more annoyance then less after a new "iniative")

any papers that would provide insight in what really went on in those circuits could be greatly helpfull, in shaping a picture, and would be incredibly more dense and true than all that appeared in media so far. there is a firm overrepresentation of israel and it's affairs in mainstream media, thus it would safe a lot of time to be able to read some raw data.

just at the time i think mostly of tunesia, and wikileaks shed a shimmery light of what moved the usian uniformclubs, aljazeera starts publishing abstracts of 1600 or so records on israeli - palestinean negotiations.

abbas says they turn around israeli and pali viewpoints, so perhaps they also stem from an internal briefing system. al-J publishes them, moreless integrally, so distinction can be made through interpretation and content.

bbc watches usia and steps after that, usia however portrays total conviction of the integrity of the papers detail. i am under the impression israeli officials did not yet cry foul.
(why would they, nearly evrything 'leaked' is only to their advantage)

for example erekat makes an arrogant impression, palestinean hobo's would be willing to do any farreaching concession, fatah makes a wavering impression, (for example , and its sorttof a keyfact, abbas has to draw israeli proposals on napkins)

obama gets a bite, showing less understanding then even bush, it is mostly a rightwing victory, and israel is a rightwingstate for now.

(basically if one palestinean said something a 100 years ago, it is a historical concession made to the israeli people, but if one usian official says something 4 years ago, palestineans are told not to count on it.)

so where do these papers come from? one possibility is israel recognised sipdis would at some point be usb'd, and decided to plot it's "negotiations" accordingly (the TOR, terms of reference).
i have been wondering some times how the international community held out such useless nitpicking over phrases, or actually why the f* it kept projecting positive pictures about it.
(with my wet thumb, for probably more ten years)

the napkin map would fit that, give this abbas a napkin and a map he cant have and he'll start drawing, is a probably true perception about abbas personality. later we can leak the same map and appear utterly credible is a graphic example of textmanipulation, and in between abbas ego is getting a severe beating.

well one shouldn't have an ego, (perhaps an alterego as a TOR), ego is what keeps us from a clear view, it is what gives most people so much subjectivity.
capitalist psychological philosophy ofcourse worship ego. destructive ambition is capitalism persee v.v.

actually i am not so sure however this has been prepared for so long. the mechanics of israeli negotiating points have since long suggested me they saw no point for any concession and were basically winning time, and provoking the powerless palestineans into ever more useless "agreements".

the marginalisation has a at least over the years resulted in ever less compelling PA steadfastness, that is not even precise, exactly the cadres of fatah (and thus the PA) have gone through several implosions of ambition.

perhaps they are working at their ego. my temporary conclusion is netanyahu leaked them, he is just trying to show his islamic fellow jews what it means to keep in mind alteregos usually also shape nice pictures.

we should appreciate a such ultimate statement of israeli conservatives , all leaks are equal, not one leak over another leak.

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