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Thursday, January 27, 2011

victim of the system

in how far is being different from a political target of the system actually still the same.
and the opposite, how can being the same be a justification if it feels so much different.

my experience with victims of the system is manifold,

the first i think most of us share is how most children notice other childrens being victimised by other educaters systematics. at least i have many vague impressions left of adults that with nearly insane audacity invoked heaven, hell and whatnot, in their perceptions of reason.

to me it seemed most children were under a certain system, allways bad, but of different evilness.

bad in the sense that it was a habit. people treating other people, because it's theirs or other peoples habit. thats very egoist.

also i remember those as the most boring and awkward routines of many, and perhaps all childhoods i witnessed. deadly habits against possible creativity.

sorry i have to let that loose in a post that should be about other people.

apparently many adults think: it's a child so i can say any idiotic thing and will still be right.
as i remember it on such a habit usually, (that is if we needed to witness it) followed set escalations. ooh i stopped such experimentation when i had a decent file ofcourse.

so in the first place i am one of those who consider everyone a victim of the system.

the circumstance of just growing up in the 60s 70s in netherlands was enough to completely convince me people were all to much reliant of systematics in their exchanges.

it suits the period btw. one thing the hippy age did was making some sort of break with the gospell and agree on some spirituality for each persons own.
not only me, but even many adults were consciously aware of the need for improvement in the relations between children and adults, and people in general.

i think these days that psychological questionmark with the whole of society's functioning is somewhat withdrawn, taboo even perhaps.

i see no other obvious reason then a further aglomeration of capital and elite, superiority ideas.
the people are supposed to be so stupid "that you will never notice",

anyhow its slightly besides the point.

victims of the system, i soon found out for instance that solidarity with the labourer was something, that in netherlands could only be desired. i found labour unions weak, in netherlands at a somewhat later age.

today it scares me, lol, tunesias revolution of the hands of labour unions, what if they disintegrate and fade into insignificance like here, or become something as incomprehensively institutional and labourer unfriendly as in usia? here they don't have many members, and the label independent is farfetched when it comes to representation.

(there have btw been a small share of romantic, political and hearthwarming exceptions, and solidarity with actions and strikes in general as well as a strong financial support at times)

but the political factor? not impressed.(1)

go victims of the system...

so the next group of victims, is a victim of victims, that logically follows, evrything significantly more precarious then an overstretched healthcareworker would be a 3fold victim even if they started working 4 yo.

for me it is somewhat important, because i can be really embarrassed and quite mad and nasty about what i know happens to people. unfortunately, the better nor the worse ones can help it all, or even a lot, they are also still their outside personality's. in fact, basking their kids and having every possible stress, tick, obsession, whatever. personality disorder if you so want.

i like that, how most peoples personality is mostly their disordres. i don't mean to say they are mostly disordered, but that they can be so dedicated to specific traits. the funny is that that "kind of personality" is very much in the way of being one.

thinks of a victim.

at one point, like bradley manning, being a victim, damages you, fiercely, or less fiercely and still mean. that proud united states, their champion of openess, has been using the word transparance, their whole todays diplomatic appeal, cannabalising bradley manning.

he might feel a victim of the system.

thinks of a victim.

...there's work to be done, laws to be changed...

(1)due respect where remaining strong on safety worked)

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