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Thursday, January 20, 2011

tremendous unique nascent evolutionairy security issues aroused

there is only room for hyperlatives.


what a miracle, and what a joy to see some really democratic effort in my lifetime.

i think of the people of tunesia every day and hope hard as i can they will be well.

today i saw some coverage of the protests. with some shame i admit i hadn't expected our same rhytm, the slogans for wich our police attacks tramples, gasses, drives over, and handicaps us.
the united people, battered and locked up, at least overhere.

whilst here we witness an ever eroding perception of rights and law, overthere to witness the same revolutionairy elan succesfully beat injustice, infringments, repression and nepotism, overhere we have become subdued, maddened and sullened by the mounting evidence of the purposefull betrayel of the principles so much professed by western damnocrazy's.

back to undercooled observations, have you noticed how very democratic, very explicitly pro freedom, very political, the inexperienced tunesian revolutionairy's shaped their take over?

wallah its a miracle.

there's been quite a list of miracles in tunesia in fact. the police (credit been given to the justice minister (after a 100 odd deaths...)) stopped short of a complete massacre.
a miracle.
the army decided to defend the people of the nation instead of the capitalists of the nation.
a huge miracle.
the dictators flew, leaving a trail of shimmery finanical transactions but with probably that much of a reserve (..)
at that point perhaps a bit less of a miracle.

our, usian, intellectualist, liberal influence overthere is not to bad, under the revolutionairy circumstance, internet, facebook twitter or myspace and their cousins, educated the suffering poor of tunesia more then it did the inflating bodys of the rich in the western world.

its a miracle.

tunesians are the greatest miracle of all, as they stubbornly and solidairy protest their right for a real change, not a cosmetic one, that only prepares the next fraudulent elections.

where will we go from here? i think we , the west, have no real option but to shake hands, referring the courage, and hoping for the best from what miraculous trust and desire for justice , equality and freedom the tunesians projected.

do i expect such a positive approach?

unfortunately i am not so sure, i expect paranoid manouvring, and investments in fear.
after all it is a miracle,
a *real* revolution.
something for and off the people.

no the west.. will not cope with that easily or without the objective of profit, wich apparently in north african terms translates into dictatorships.

i am not surprised by that ofcourse btw. things are as they are, and to some they seem what they are no matter how elaborately disguised and how eloquently denied.

ACAB proven once again.

our freedom of speech is not anymore as much as it even was under ben ali. you are free to speak unless you are critical of authority in this nation. (1)
for this single line even i can expect to be prosecuted, or in the least have my home attacked, being locked up in a cell to the sound of drills, and probably filed or punished in complete contraditction of our constitutions and fundamental laws once over.

all in a sneaky manner as to not let loose, it's affirming dominance. marginalising individuals in their quests for justice.

eerily i watch constitutional rights being broken down under the guise of the next scapegoat.
afer hatecampaigns and deceit, lies , insults and acquisations against the squatter movement, the next victim, the next jew for the smallminded and hatewinger, is the smoker of marihuana.

for example when recently a policeman raped and murdered a little girl, outragious claims over the effect of marihuana on that were made.

i swear even if i smoke an ounce (not "two little packages") of marihuana, and kill someone, i will remember into detail all my life.
so would anyone, even a cop.

and in netherlands the judge is complicit.

so what hope is there for tunesia, with many governments like mine out for any piece of cake?

i don't know, but..

miracles have happened before.
great hurrays for tunesia.

(1)or are they? not really? acab

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