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Friday, January 7, 2011


time for some fearmongering, 2011

it feels like a tradition, start of the year i watch the climate, and sometimes current affairs, for the last i have cop of posts to go.

the winter overhere started out nice, but already lost it's sting. a little bit of suggestive cold, snow and ice was quickly followed by the usual global warming temperatures tho. winters, and frost over the melting point of water. eternal westwinds, and not as much precipation as might be expected.

last year was a wet year in netherlands, however after some years of relative drought, it was hardly noticable, all that extra water drained in instants, and not even the air stayed humid.
the summer wasn't great, i know amongst cus the weed was of low quality, and rain was usually not there when most expected.

worldwide we seen an ongoing acceleration of climate hickups, smaller and bigger droughts, and forestfires. droughts unseen in many areas, record temperatures, and a shrivelling amazon region, in a violently radiating sunlight.

nevertheless also a lot of flooding. it seems rainfall and wind react as extreme as our skins on the chaos we brought into the atmosphere.

basically our planets atmosphere is an ecological produce. hadnt nature been there it would have been completely different. and in eliminating nature, natural landscapes, and even single species we don't only kill ourselves and each other, we also kill this quality of a lifebearing planet that only came to be through billions of years.

so i may sound pessimist here, but it has been the litany to be made for decades, and all my life,
and it lost no relevance at all.

basically the projection is the cooling is not a matter, whence droughts and also floods are again to be expected. i much wonder if january will be cold, so far it ain't, overhere. in that case we could assume the trends still follow a pattern that trends to yearly regularity. if otoh it will be warm, i think we are kind of screwed, it tried to be cold..

the sun is still behaving incredibly carefull, no particles of our atmosphere get blown of extra by its usual solar spot activity, it witnesses our plight in serene and unseen calmth.

what should i care animism is undone by the great corps and other bloodsuckers in the textile of our society? it is for it told us how bad profitmaking was to begin with.

the sun is alive, and way more intelligent then any representative of our species. (even me:P)

so much about the climate, i cant judge easily if perturbations reached a treshold, but i am not overly optimistic about the chances all will be safe this year, what i wonder most is if it actually still has the flexibility to create major phenomena, or if perhaps to much of it goes up in noctilucence.

it seems that extreme events like the storm in the fillipines that fortunately just 'missed', do take some of the pressure from the regional cooker. in some form of atmospherical regulation often these events seem to come in one worst per season.

then there is the earthquakes vulcanism topic. nearly all apologips come with shaky predictions of that. in our ancient mythical traditions universally cataclism is announced it's cojourner.

and so it does, iceland gives a maximum rain minimum cosmic rays boost, with near brilliant precision (there is just one vulcano on iceland that might be able to do better for effect.)

yes planes will wear, and govs will rip us to save their shares rendements.

next indonesia blows in a 100s years record style, and so did guatemala neither of them however to the limit of their catastrophal possibilitys.
got to see that, i tried to stay informed over magnetic anomalies and polewandering, magnetic reversals and polar collapse, (not all planets that you would easily expect to do have a magnetic field),

that wasn't easy. after i read the german wiki of it with interesse and refraining from commenting all the world was dosed the story it held (and that was new to me) that polar reversal would be a millenia long proces.

i don't belief that yet, human mythology remembers differently. that besides i have more often seen explications that polar reversals must have been near instantanious. however lets hope its not , and we will see smoking vulcanoes and horrible earthquakes for a couple of millenia.

still wondering what, if anything, offset olympic mons (on mars).

so far i am not easy to convince, what do they think, magnetic field will keep tumbling at this speed to be in the negative in at most ten years (1?) and for millenia to come?

more generally we will see at least a few major problems return this year, genetically modified diseases will probs strike again, and the general load of toxins is strongly on the rise, with recent news suggesting biofuels intrisically carry dioxins.
other worrys there are nigeria . louisiana, and the chinese industry. don't fall for the usual excuse that it is coincedence and unforeseen.

i foresee it here and specialists of any kind foresee stuf like it with the same ease. this to include boards of directors with slaving research deps. at their disposal.

so i am curious to the venezolan dog flue to strike this year, or perhaps the northkorean swine cough, the sudan extraimmunal hiv virusses etc.

next we may start to see people getting ill from gentech food on an ever larger scale, perhaps not yet this year, perhaps only in the company of toxic loads like louisianas (medical reports are sure suggestive of sth. over direct contamination with only petrochemicals , no matter how deadly these be.)

it would perfectly fit the picture, irritans and destroyed genetical structure taking it's toll of darmfloras and tissue alike.

perhaps we will see sth even more odd. i almost hope so, because it will take a million madame curies to convince this world of sheep, so be it if that makes the billions to be safer.

bees are dying worldwide, and like einstein who was not a complete idiot said:
when the bees die, for the humans it will only be a matter of years. was he thinking of these fort knox and other frisco eugentical researches no doubt he was intimitly familiar with?

more familiar then you and i would ever be recognised to be??

well gl. its never been possible to counter disaster that did not strike.

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