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Thursday, August 30, 2007

C.B.P. (Concrete Battlefield Protector)

One of the challenges in archeology is to provide contempairy armies with sufficient room for slaughter. It's a widely apreciated fact you cannot just have a battlefield anywhere. Certain elements of the landscape are naturally prohibitive (such as rivers) but some should not be used as battlefield for historical or even archeological values. Now this is the classic paradox in archeo-genocido-topo-metry,
for wich i thought of a commercial solution , the C.B.P. (Concrete Battlefield Protector) hereof shortly introdused by the handsome CBP.(or cbp in capitals).

The cbp will have your soldiers die with renewed valour, let me explain how this simple principle works. It used to be we send armys to die in desolate, almost virgin places, and in the earlier days that has been a rewarding strategy. Barren land accumulated archeological finds, and as an extra in the pre-industrial situation ecological feedback diminished burial services and grave duty.

I think you get what i am pointing at? In several cases the whole archeological site has been forgotten, wich is good for tourism, because then there can be several , but wich can be a real setback for archeology in the case a posterior battle occupied the same grounds, not only through dillution of the assembly, but through sheer impact events as well.

Allready the medieval knights must have thought of this, hence their chivalric battlegrounds, but in the modern times we have forgotten this exclusive feature of murder: archeological remains.

Through a simple procedure we can reshape the landscape and provide a whole new ground for war... the cbp.

It is a well known militairy fact history repeats itself, soldiers die more readily on the grounds where their forefathers died before them , this made me decide to distribute the cpb concept free of charge, under a fair use policy, (I do expect payment for fraudulent applications on surplus erratic historical battlegrounds though.)

The principle is quitte simple, as soon as we discover a former battlefield, immediate action is required. Since we don't have the methods yet to proof anything conceivably from generalist finds, we have to rest them in peace. For this cpb can function even in wartime.

Modern warfare is very unrewarding to the archeologist, explosives, remain, and fracturise otherways simple evidence, the atmosphere is loaded with mustard and uranium. So that is a no-go area. Cbp serves excellently.

The only requirement for cbp is regular cleansing after battle, not that much after centurys of spilling blood in the sand.

bows gently for gratefull aplause

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