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Sunday, August 26, 2007

treasure tell story

In this world when you are rich you may think of life in terms of facility.
But when you are a poor, you will think of life in terms of piles of garbage.

In the poor role, young off you will notice, how much can you be tied to garbage.
Somehow a lesson must hide inside these heaps of garbage. It would be an important wisdom to uncover obviously. Our humanitarian problem itself is a heap of garbage basically. Uncovering what wastes people on rubbish would explain the mere existence of this pilance of garbage.

There is 2 facts.
1st: the individual is confronted with the refuse of the masses,
2nd : The masses confront the individual with garbage.

Strangely you end up associated with what you dislike the most. And thus, young age, one reaches understanding with the garbage. It is what is left over.

One might think this is something exclusive: "It is like that for me , but not anyone else. Not for the ones that escaped the garbage syndrome". That is not true.

Even the most tidy people basically express their opinions in garbage, and it is fed to the masses, that fear it's syndrome since they are still a baby.

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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