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Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Recently i reacted to a discussion in al jazeera that has now been closed:0

Usually i don't really look up stuf i wrote all the time, but this was so shocking i was really interested to what point it made for the otherways only symbolically related discussion, kinda in-topic as i was.
Looking it up quitte seriously: where are we now?

Discussion closed. Well,.. well put.:)

For some reason if i react to the korea discussion, feeling empathy for the beautifull woman picture, the weirdest thoughts enter my mind.

Things that i want to write , or even things i don't want to write on al jazeera,
but things that i won't write, probably even if i reply another time on that thread.

Thats why i have an insent for writing here.
how uncensoredly:)

Basically my message would be: All western countrys, all cultures in general have been beating woman for ages, what hypocracy about not hurting woman.

blah blah weak woman , here . blah blah poor woman, innocent woman there, blah blah,
hurting woman everywhere. Thats not a discussion it's a wtc of hypocracy.

If i am not mistaken woman more often function as a bomber pilot then as a fighter pilot. I'd prefer woman did their share in the ongoing violence.

Woman need to change attitude just as awkard and just as much as man, to function in this future. Woman tend to be less apt at gross generalisations, but for what they are, they are none the worse not always.

Anyhow all these beaten up, locked away, de-indivdualised woman don't have an easy time contributing to their potential. That is a good reason to let go of this batch ofcourse, but what does it really matter?

female pilots killed a million afghans? most of them probably civilians,
another million? died for other reasons. Because of hunger, lack of medical care, poverty and further anti-taliban terror. It is not even mentioned in most of the contributions,
i wonder how many koreans died when US attacked afghanistan.. there are many questions , and i have had worrying answers in weird places on some.

So lets guess .. 3? 23?

koreans are a very religious people. Apparently they still live in the mission era, as a matter of facts in PR. To always come in handy.. you know? Handy when you already have the experience how to relate with your consumers of a socalled future in a socalled freedom.

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