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Thursday, August 30, 2007

red wiki, "tot Vrijheidsbezinning"

I found this :

Redwiki. It is good:D you will be surprised.
Contrary to wikipedia it feels unbiased, that is: biased mostly to daring thought.

So although i had been warned hardly anyone could hope to pass the censorship of the right line, i started up a contribution.
Someone read it and before i even published it disappeared , all that work for nothing:(

However used as i am to having the works of my mind destroyed i can reconstruct the
intended article here. Fortunately. The unfortunate aspect is i was just introducing a method to keep on writing on the same article forever, thus rewarding it a minor fraction of the attention it deserves.

My first invention was i could "move" the sandbox:test to : kamping "tot Vrijheidsbezinning" and not even risk a talks page.:o

That is fortunate because some people might immediatly want to introduce the modern and 21st century storys about the place, underestimating grossly the effect 1000s of Ka of contemplation had on the local topography. I really don't see why red wiki had to abort this feeble attempt even before birth.

I wasn't jumping into any conclusions yet, merely wondering, if the emptyness of the landscape could have had anything to do with the traditional methods of warfare
of the antagonists of the regionally orbiting people (i quote from head:
"later; when the rich came to extinguish all people" ) , what did i say wrong?
Red wiki? Isn't it what always happened? at this specific locality they came at different moments to extinguish as many as they could, why hide it?

anyway, we are to forget many of the holocausts of the past, when they had not yet succeeded to silence the dissident voice. Ofcourse that babylonic wisdom came to my mind. But what does it have to do with leftish???

so much and very little of that.
Anyhow.. I have at least attributed as many words to the "kamping tot vrijheidsbezinning" as i planned for today.

However since my contribution has not been received positively i have conducted a non destructive archeological experiment to make the point that exactly cultural interference can be hardly estimated correctly anymore (at least not in the concerned area) after the 19th century 's blowing up of megalithic structures , in a faint effort to retrieve supposedly lost richess.

here comes:
In the first picture you see a random collection of the famous dutch "tramp stones".
none of them actually derived from the north sea's bassin.
They represent the archeological feature of a "hunebed" in an undisturbed context.

As you can see the magenta arrow is pointing at an undisturbed foliage, and the green arrow is pointing at some items possibly nefariously collected by prehistoric man.

The next fotograph is of a exactly similar location: a "hunebed" for wich netherlands is ultimately famous, however in this instance the hunebed has been blown up 5 years ago.

The magenta arrow is again pointed at a now severely disturbed stratigraphy of the place. The green arrows are pointing at two different items, natural stones that have lost flakes as a result of the explosion ; and modern material disturbing the former archeological context.

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