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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Integrity (truth-content)

Very often, when i read a bit about what is going on, and try to collect impressions to shape my observations i feel like fleeing to this place, a personal blog.

I am rather proud of it's name. "Uncensored" and i have seen there is an uncensored in english for almost every language now. A partly shamefull affair.
The israelian uncensored eg ,is mere bigotry, and apparently 100000 people need that charicature to maintain their zionist convulsiveness.

Yes, i reach the conclusion that after the initial invention of the uncensored concept, censors claimed the remaining spaces, blogspots. (this could still be relevant at some point in future).

Anyhow at the israeli uncensored i applied selfcensorship. I am pretty fed up with israelis propagating genocide in response to my having a non-zionist opinion.

That what they do and done to palestineans has all the looks of genocide is a second, and their allies being genocidal state-entity's does not help much either.

Well, i think i can be this direct in this context because of the utter lie in that israeli "uncensored". Uncensored is not the same as promoting a more shizoid approach as your respective governments capitalist interests allow.
That is: "censored".

Still, it is just a notion of integrity so i continue my rant over the falselihood of demologics.

Demologics, the art of providing thought concepts to people to make them believe what is ultimately beneficial for your party, is very much on my mind today.

The fuz over pakistan and irak being the main causes, but the confrontation is everywhere (eg. in the anti-russian spy and other propaganda cases, when the western companys suggest we should trust some capitalist corrupt tax-evader to decide over the future of russians).

Then the french, as having to comply to a blackbox populist like sarkozy.
Europeans have never really been impressed by the french brightness, we don't need this joke to destabilise our friendly relations in europe.

So it is a complot? (yes), that leads to destruction? (yes). Because when this can be done to the french, it can be done to anyone.

I can't even think of a more destructive thought.

A coca-cola puppet, no, that is what we need, just wait and he will start victimising palestineans as a matter of disney-puppet habits.
An ultimate propaganda item is president, someone supporting every egoist, greedy, eurocentric, judeochristian bias, yahoo. Wait and see him rant on everyone else we might possibly still militairy engage in the future.

It gets me sick to think that the people of the world are hussled with this way.
So let's make a move and start looking at say.. irak.

Irak is perfect proof that (always surprising me) people have no opinions of their own.
They don't even have a self definition of theirselves. After you blast the hell out of iraki's they are ready to accept each other as enemys. Not only that, if you tell them they kill another for aforementioned non-ratio, they will do precisely so.

This is so blatantly senseless we have to assume , you , the rest of the world , are just ready to succumb to similar mechanisms. Hence we look onward, and focus our satelite view on pakistan.

A lively political arena. Now do the pakistanis in general have a trend to a similar useless direction as say the '33r4ki' or french?

Firstly lets state this clear: there is not a single valid reason why basically democracy would work different anywhere in the world then it would in france or the netherlands. So some random figureheads will be awarded for their capitalist loyaltys by safe and influential positions that earn them well enough to keep them in keeping.
We must observe two things,
a) what will pakistanis be manipulated into believing?
b) who do the capitalists behind it want to kill because of this opportunity?

Ofcourse experience in irak has proven islam is so utterly naive you can make it's followers belief anything. Perhaps not coincedentually the muslim identity of pakistan is much underlined these days. (It's quitte a narrowminded focus on religion as is) . Psychologically it gets easier to understand that intrinsic naivety when you realise islam incorporates you from birth. All your live you will be complying to an ordre that is only natural because you had not even an alternative as a baby. This is what makes it hard to have questions to things authorical situations cause.

Apart from this, there is the illiterate syndrome: when people don't read very well we can lie to them on paper. Since they can't even read what lies are commonplace about them, they are not rewarded the authority to react concerning themselves.
So Pakistani illiteracy is a feature that will be promoted in the western mind.
At least even most french can spell their names, so we could get the impression we know better as a side effect.

In the meanwhile in the west, because obviously we cannot honestly speak over situations ourselves, disrupting as it would be for our indoctination,
we forgot people can speak. Let me explain, : you don't need paper to use words.

Conclusion : it is all a matter of desinformation or else we'd know.

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