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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


first this blog:
the sp. errors are piling up with the uncomfortable experience that i had actually checked some, since textdestruction is a tool of the neocon propaganda machines I get a bit pissed, little i can do either, otoh i make some sp. errors myself, but for example teh word actions in teh next article i remember i checked.
Thats why i stopped correcting them after i published the post.
long ago. The sytem used to destroy individuals text and work may show more clearly since i am such a target.

oke 1991

Do we remember 1991? Georgians definetly do. 1991? do you remember how happy we were, how we all thought now finally money would go into development instead of arms?
Yes and actually most of the world started of nice, ok admittedly 1992 and 1993 alredi showed usa was not intend of giving up hegemonic claims, perhaps also in georgia, in principle i myself was ok with how the russians/ sovjet union outlayed the new nations.

Oke i had some bythought at the entree in EG at such speed and with such clear capitalist bias, two at once, a poorer oculd only come if a richer was with it, and a greedy yes when the nations were economically promising and strategically usefull like the baltic states, however with kalinigrad quietly settling i assumed the russians can live with it. That besides, yes it makes sense, russia is a european nation, even if we never consider turning EG in a massive state, they are still a rather european nation, majorly white, blonde even (i was surprised to find them so much lighter then eg. french, esp. in haircolour), and in history, russian despotes always remained close and friendly ties to western-european ones, barring exceptions.
The claim on the baltic states is very doubtfull but the baltic claim for a historical identity stood firm, never since the christian crusades these nations have lived autonomous or in peace(well for a few years), i loved them to get their
identity, and indeed they turned into sweet little countries.

For me culture is a bigger thing then territory, when a people speak a different language i consider them a people for example, not when they own a certain amount of soil, money or (former) states institutions.

So i was happy with it, even like wow there is an armenia, and oh is the ukraine that much different? and georgia, what an ancient name, azerbeidjan and uzbekistan? it shows the russians don't discriminate either, it was a wonderfull sight.

After 1991 however hopes sooner then ayone wanted dwindled, i had suspected a quicker escalation when that became apparent, but the breaking point was the starts of the balkan wars, 1993? way to soon anyhow.

From that moment on it was ultimately clear usia still lived with coldwar rhetorics, and had nothing better to offer rhetorically, worse, many a european nation surfed on teh waves of ignorance and adapted similar hypochondriac (and as the russians justly state, cynical ) positions.

It spoiled the fun, the war for drugs and the one for terror further disturbed the picture and corrupted ideology, from here on we had to deal with megalomaniacs.(hegemonics, monopolists, imperialism)

all in all it wasted the last clear indications of detente, and left the people of the world wondering if they would know peace ever.

Now the russians made a statement, a violent one perhaps, but by far not as violent as the usual usian one, or the georgian attack, and the world is changing once again, will we finish what started in 1991 (mostly only in the former sovjet union),
or will we end on a path of intolerance, misantropy and xenophobia...

who knows, i for me will voice only for peace, screw the nato, and dr.rice hypocrasy.
teh international comments show ppl evrywhere are getting the picture straight, usia is a monster, a lie and a hypocrasy, georgia is sold out by saaksville, for his personal gains, and the people of georgia are together with their victims and policeman russia the ones to bear the brunt.

thats what perhaps the georgians forgot, war always makes victims, and if you start one yourself, some ppl will think you are the one that deserves the victim status most. I for me only want to give humanitarian aid and none that would allow saaskville to put his tank named georgia back on tracks.

curious, but scared from the nato rhetorics i await further developments.

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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