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Sunday, August 17, 2008

the future

every day in the big world and the small (netherlands) things happen that destine the future. I don't want to say your future or our future, but also that is true.

Usually you would want things to have only a positive influence on the future, for some reason i think of that of others more then my own, the future of animals and plants for example.

But basically like my political theatre turned to be the international over the national, future got related with future of humans strongly. And all these humans they live in one or more future states, and apply some future rights. If anything at all.

So everything that is decided now, has an impact on these futures, and everything that is said can have a result for that future.

Basically even if i say nothing things will be said and done, "decided" that will force the future into a shape.

This makes the subject to wide however, i might as well say something because the future will anyhow have a shape.

At least i know it will, every day i am painfully aware that things said, (mine eg.),
positions taken (merkels eg.) or "decissions" made (wijnand duyvendak) have an impact on the future and i want to be pretty clear about it.

Basically for miss merkel i have this, i don't know what she is at, but the geopolitical ordre of peace and stability has considered the following things considering georgia of wich she gave no sign of noticing: (It's a long list)

the cold war is over. That is hard to cope , deal with and understand for anyone,
but from the humanist point a war that is over need not be rekindled.
If Merkel wants to fight russia over something, she could use the words and structures of the current days to fight it.

We don't fight Merkel over h. so she as a proper human would not need to fight russia over it's past. However if this is not her fear and mistake, miss merkel, she is a very different camp, we must then consider her a strawwoman then, ready to be hired for escalation.

Then considering georgia. The Nato didnt win a war , russia did, it won the war of georgians against south ossetians and probably abchazians to. As a result russia was and still is in a position to degrade georgias military capacities, a thing that concerning saaksvillis methods seems like something of a preventive measure, and considering his ambitions slightly more so. (Nato membership) well people may be a member of anything except an organisation that uses criminal eg. violent methods.(like the nato btw)There are absolutely strong signals nato is doing her best to achieve a offensive position against russia.

Not only against russia, obviously many other nations are considered potential spheres of influence, but in this case that is not the subject.

The human and economical costs that come with military action of that kind (interventions, occupations, invasions) is one that should be reduced to an absolute minimum.

A thing russia tried and to a great extend achieved if you compare the georgian situation to the usual " invasion or occupation" (saaskvilles words).

There is absolutely no doubt that the current "World ordre" much characterised by deceipt and lie, intimidation and military violence, will not be the one to bring the nations together for peeace.

To bring the world together we need a thing often called justice. justice and military alliances, intimidation and mutilated news don't go together.
not with the justice we need. (as opposed to the one there is)

Practically it means russia is left little option in the negotiations, but to somehow continue a preventive military action on georgia, that future nato state that can do anything, just because it is not with the russians, called slaves by other europeans.

The agreement for a redrawal includes an agreement that the georgians return to their bases and occupy themselves with peacetasks, it is very brutal and insane to try to apply that as a diplomatic victory over russia from nato.

It means merkel, the west, has no objections to russia killing georgians as they will only use it as the excuse they were looking for.

That is not the way russia wishes, or the world should wish to run these negotiations. For me merkel lost any inspiration, i really think she is like the dutch government, and in the case less constructive in practice then even condoleeza rice (that might have been better then the dutch "news" showed as it appeared an awkward cut, she actually really achieved that russia will try to negotiate for a situation of complete military disengagement (with georgian forces preventively, because they are preoccupied with occupying south ossetia and abchazia still.)

Merkel one of "that" side, the side of repression and intolerance, the side that with sneaky decissions not only encrouches on russia , but is also having daily repercussions on our daily european life, encrouches on us. An insignificant one it seems. Yet a dangerous tool.

That, is the matter of authority, the usual system tries to moderate society through authority (not through justice aka sense) teh rsult of that is that every of their strategys contributes to the actual state of repression,

The whole internal dutch , and ofcourse also the european policy, is much dedicated to that strong and superior position of the rule, the state , over people, one result of that is that the external policy is also authoritarian, as such it fails to improve on the world in a similar way as it fails to secure social improvement on a structural scale most anywhere.

I don't want to go into details.

we live in a ridiculous world, ruled through a sad bunch of people, that vow for blood instead of looking for a future.

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