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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Censory daily bussiness

As usually i not only get censored but i also try to find out why and where i am censored. Its confusing. I send a test message at alJ on a subject that i had definetly been disallowed to post to them to. (by whom ofcourse you can't be all sure) One would say that if alJ moderation works so swift, a "test" message would not get a confirmation, (i send them to junk since if anything i check them between 4days), well teh ridculous and hard to understand text message..
(PR typo lviv)
alJ spam by subject,

a pun on their systems, did get through.... hesitatingly,
so thats suspect it is perhaps not alJ that is censoring so much of my opinions.

As a rule ofcourse i am under the impression the disappearing texts do still get used by the powers in question, and by media some. So it must be they are actually interesting. General subjects on wich my media acces seemed mangled were many,
especially political actuality is censored, wether that is olhmerts next PR stunt,
georgia, or musharaf, exceptionally positive comments appear to come through more often and there is a point in that the usual post that disappears would contain a few opinions about the democratical functionality of officials.

let me just, after telling what i can tell other ways, tell you what i have been thinking over these affairs.

Georgia. I support Russia over georgia. Thats more a matter of a non aggressive geopolitical reality i have an ambition for then the specific thing. Luckily now medvedev made the surprising move to put a straight hold on actions, I think that is diplomatically or in terms of PR the best decission. Some operational requirements needed to be met but with a georgia in panic and disarray (like the south ossetians a lot of them moved about against their wishees) reasonable negotiatians with the georgian side seem to be again more possible. I hope they will apreciate the russian gestures.
To my surprise nato (and israel, and even usian foreign advisors etc.) showed no direct interest to greatly escalate the situation.
I take it as a hopefull sign, it is a change, it is so the media reported the whole affair, here in netherlands, with a huge anti russian bias. But this unreal perception of reality is for once not the modus operandi of the diplomatical world, keeping it that way would make a big change, and i think the change the world needs.

The details against ossetians are pretty disgusting, to me it seems russia otoh has maintained a very limited and military operation, somewhat succesfully evading civil casualtys. The only thing against that is the scale, then again, actually did not do so much inside georgia, and the area of south ossetia must be considered another case for many reasons. That one of russias arguments to support such tiny nations may be they don't feel all secure against US and the Nato that keeps building bases around them is exactly the geopolitical matter that makes me side with them.

That means i can easily imagine this is a very scary event for the russians as well,
It would be a possible start to clear up much of the misplaced animositys of the world, much like the olympics could be a place where differences can be evaluated instead of accentuated.

In that sense the "usual persons psychology" for me is hard to understand, the mere spectacle, and location are supposed to have unmeasurable PR value for china, and indeed people are more interested in china then before.

The most annoying thing about bush lately was his talking about 2000? political prisoners in china, i think us has 15000 ppl in guatanamos only worldwide, then again i would again like to have an idea of what is a fair impression these days,
for me it is obvious poorer less developed nations have their rights issues.
If china somehow manages such problems on her giant scales i think it is a proof of it's governments good intentions.

There remains a lot to wish for also in china, but there are so many nations a lot remains to be wished for and pressfreedom and freedom of expression are a farce at bush side as well.

mh next subject, whats olympics got to do with it?
now what in pakistan, a clownesque situation, different accusations have been made against musharaf, however also plays a more official motion of distrust, that i suppose is the kind of measure that should dispose him. However how can you take that serious if the involved partys have locked another up in almost every way over corruption and seem to be out for no less then musharafs skin, using of all things, the war on afghanistan's finances. So that means like this there is no compromise or respect left for musharaf. I think it is a pitty because the man represented a progressive and even somewhat tolerant set of values, ofcourse that is only an impression but i hope pakistan with her current unrest won't return to the kind of underdeveloped and marginal state it used to be under musharafs opponents rule.

Zimbabwe, well about zimbabwe i wrote that if it hadn't been for all the international attention mugabe would have had less of carte blanche of many ppl on the world. In a situation were noone trusts any, you end up trusting what you had.
That there now are negotiations, for me, implies tsvangirai is getting ready to agree to mugabe on the matters of zimbabwe souvereignety (in the wider sense of economic politics etc. as well) and african unity, wether or not to allow political economical development that undermine the african unity and prosperity, very exciting and tense, a strange detail is to some extend with the 'brutal oppressor' picture in mind, mugabe must have always tolerated tsvangirai. That is not so exceptional, but it may tell something about minds or personality's. Mugabe might know rather precisely how he wants tsvangirai to guarantee certain developments. But also mugabe may have been 'not very afraid' of morgan, i must say when i compare the two and the few direct impressions they left on me, mugabe generally appeals to me more, and i think like that is perhaps one of those reasons. It may also be one of the reasons the other zanu faction is represented, don't worry a newer and still progressive africa then mugabe's also exists, and arthur could represent it.

So that are surprising developments to me, about the zimbabwe situation i get rather optimistic, about Pakistan i am not quite sure, but if the world will not eternally and deeply blame russia over something they hardly had a hand in, (and that appears like a premeditated nato PR trick with the Nato sponsored georgian army featuring as a sad excuse:-0), my sun will start shining. Perhaps its obama's good influences.

As a matter of factual also there was a russian not only de facto but UN mandated peace mission in the territory. Russia has done evrything i wished for to manage the situation, evacuate the civilians, degrade some of the toys, put a great statement, withheld from really compromising georgian territorial integrity, and the nr of victims even in both armys have remained somewhat limited, i think during all the operation great care has been maintained, considering that in a story about the eviction of gori, 7 wounded soldiers in a military convoy 15 miles away were worth mentioning.

i might have to add something to this.

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