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Saturday, August 30, 2008

those were the days

I am a bit dazed. the whole usia election thing is going on with strong undertones as ever. Suggestive voices whisper through every channel, people that before seemed to want moderate exchange, suddenly turned rabiatly convinced conservatives.. etc.
probably a racist card. The dumbest on that one was.. if Obama looses it proofs we don't discriminate. Well *that* exactly it don't proof to me.(1)

Obama is a much greater guy then you would even need to change the world there,
come on mcCain.., it is true, Obama is really a smart and enlightened person with great care and policy.. how does mcCain have a vision when his party only comes up with negative portrayal of the other?

Obama's nomination speech is perfect. Every option is open, and the policy of change outspoken. the world goes for that deal. Exactly these republicans the ones in power, should want usia to stop becoming the pariah of the international community,
often even regarded a mere tool of israel (sozocaust(2)).

However these guys in charge are rich, whatever happens to the populace they will be fine.

A depression i only endure cus i countered it the first of january.
The receipe is to make one voice (there), to stand up as one nation.
And you should, every nation in the world should be able to make a great 4 years with a great man like Obama, one would try to help him wouldn't we all?

So thats a rather revolutionairy change from the POV of the ones in power, becus they know that their 1 percent holding 90% in the income in the west and 80(china,russia)-90 elsewhere(3) will have to start contributing, no more great oil profits to get away with for example..
neway, that is with ambition. And it's nice. Thumbs up usian brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, we only have to remember to be as dilluted, shout we won all the time, to be convincing, because many more voices will shout we won, then there were to say the opposite.

Obama is the next president. Fine, i am out to visit an african friend now.

hehe feel like writing on justice, care i check him there:p

(1) even obama winning proofs we *know* we (our systems) are still racist and have to work at that.

(2)sozocaust when you have to say sorry a lot, cus you are not really allowed to say it.

(3) interesting calculation here, the dutch situation is about the general western one, 1 percent of the people own 90% of the income, 10% own 95% of the income, 95% of ppl own 5% of the income.

In china it is different. 10% of ppl own 90% of the income, that means 1% owns about 80. 95% of the people then own around 17% of the income wich is over thrice as fair.

In russia it is not obvious, i would think the nr are better, the top 10% would have it at least 11 times better then the poor, wich would make it still 13 times better then here, meaning the 95% of the people get 65% of the income there and the 5% still 35.
lets be safe, 60-40. wooooow thats *good*!? follows 'russias oilwealth' is not yet so exagerated, or the people 'd be richer.(viva cuba)

(4) find a new name for that nation. jew SOA just doesnt hit the mark, does it?
it's got a remarkable relevance for aids(HIV) and that is all. It's all the old,"... but words are slaves to the truth" story again.

A-bomma or Fusia might be better;) defusia? or just sth. natural, Mixico? Danada?
Terra Rico for my part or Exdomingo, Piety, Braggica, United-Ex-Americans (UEA), Thina?, Maffia?, newJerusalem even. Erika? Highety:P? Byraq, Hatenam? Clashia?
no that wouldn't help. well like it is now they might as well call it Penisoala or alQuaida. Rapland, Jazzica?

I like Maffia, 'maf' is jidish for funny, they would be Maffians. Thats good against crime. turns them into Maffins slowly. Usians, i stick to usians for now.

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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