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Friday, August 15, 2008


there was an interview with a chinese activist in a dutch paper, a somewhat sad story perhaps, yet, the activist complained about two things that made me smile,
the funniest was he said the chinese lacked individuality, well, so do 99% of westerners. Thus that is funny, the second thing was he wasnt allowed to publish negatively about olympics.
i guess his position must be lousier then mine (his income sure seemed better and international), but i am also hardly allowed (remain unpublished), to write a negative thing about olympics, worse, even if i write positive things about olympics, i still dont get the acces..

this is for him, like i say, perhaps its worse there, but to me it seems the same.

PS. he is not rili an activist, the real activists are poor and victimised, often dead. People like him with a secure position actually have the profit from these sufferings. This is everywhere not only in china, even me you can consider a profiteer in that sense, evrywhere on the planet ppl are locked up and worse, and despite i rule my mouth, they are the greater victim.

This wole context has not much attention in he world, that is because locking opponetnts up under suspicious grounds (activism, psychiatrics, criminal charges)
is the most common thing in all nations. At some point in time methods will be needed to evaluate the aspect since you can't get a decent analyses of the human rights situation without such analyses. Itis a thing of the future because most people (same 99%) understand this kind of repression only outside their own nation, power-block and context.

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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