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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


in a situation like this u need an analysis of evrything, so i was thinking with condi on the road, how are georgians. Digging in my memory i recovered this, they are the most russian people i ever met. Nowadyas russians look a bit different, more mixed perhaps, but georgians looked like russians ever did. If there should be one nations people who are absolutely indistinct from russians it's georgians, except perhaps east ukrainians. They don't look like white russians or the asian types, not like the kaukasians even, perhaps a bit like rumanians tho, for the rest they hace incredibly russian looks. Show me a georgian i tell you a russian.
You may say either the georgians are the most russian kurds i ever met, or the russians are the most northern kurdish, but georgia and russia should not be fighting.

There is this whole planet of very different people, and of all these the georgish fight the ones that looks the most alike them, claiming big differences.

To make it worse the much huger and very similar partner has to protect minoritys in a nation that should be her pride, she has to protect russians from people that look like russians. Admittedly they behave like thoroughbred capitalists, targetting a small but least crucial minority for an overwhelming offensive of splendid new military toy.

It may be genocidal what georgia does. Russia said so. and the brutality of the initial georgian attack appears to warrant that, not genocide on the hugest scale with only 100k south ossetians existing and displaced. genocide on the scale that it hits south ossetians.

control and power in the world should be matters of responsability. The capability to answer humane requirements, a western block that denies the obvious, and does not want to apply limit and measure to violence consequently must be considered an instable element in matters of the preservation of planet earth and worldpeace.

So just like the russians the georgians don't always know how to make friends best.

they are the same, would saaksville be in the kremlin the exact same events would take place, would medvedev have ruled georgia bush would have thought him an amateur.

that foreign nations occupy hirelings without any restriction or consent shan't be a surprise in capitalism. Them georgians aren't stupid.
Except perhaps for asking new radarparts, strangely the russians had an opinion of that joke. Don't ask me why, the russians themselfes were at some point willing to receive a brand new radar, didn't get them ofcourse.

nah its simple, i bet it is the thing tends to make the russians bleed.
so if you think things over even a little obscured information can give somewhat precise impressions of what is going on. But for me it doesn't suffice.

we need observations on the ground, how can you belief the storys if evrything saaksvilli said was untrue and not evrything the russians said can be true.
It's a mess, a small one, perhaps, but still. Army's apparently can't massively maintain a protocol. against a lying opponent you will not fight fair, etc. the public opinion offesive in the west is ongoing, they are not ready to positively word anything over russia. For example the media keep writing sarkizy brokered a deal, when in fact it went in before medvedev met sarkozy.

there is almost certainly a lot and mostly truth behind that georgia resurged into offenisve operations all the past days, so what is going on now still, is also in the mist. obviously not all operations have seized completely, now and then the russian army is active in or around gori for example. That is then turned into all kinds of alarming informations, when i read a next one. i have my doubts.
every night a shaker in the headlines? usual stuf? plain fog of warrish desinformation? perhaps really sth.? The longer this lasts the less russia will be able to claim in terms of honour maybe, the only thing that would answer that would be if we can independedly verify that, that we are not decently briefed in these matters shows there is sth wrong. with us.

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