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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

only the right to exist

Ofcourse my contributions on israel remain unposted, or the one on olympics, despite of that the facts of the post are used for new reporting..
So i guess that the utterings that are acceptable in the forum, and really when it becomes personal, don't ask me why.. could also be influenced by my unpublished comments, it wud not be a first.. well what does it say??

zionism is only believing in the right of israel to exist.
That is strange, fascism in germany believed only germany had a right on more territory then it had, great excuse then. That beside it is not true, zionism is like other kinds of nationalism, and very old, excisting before palestine was cleansed, and inherently discriminating. ALso, when zionisms interests correlate with
neoconservative interests about china eg., about certain statements about human rights, and generally about destabilising the israeli neighbours or ME region, it rises over such a nationalist pretention.

So whatever is their clue, (it is capitalism), zionism has much more impact then what they pretend in the above statements.

zionism means to me: money over ppl except jews, because jews always have the right to judge other people, and call them holocaust deniers. Turning them into non persons for international justice. Well they use these mechanisms against me, and basically in the hope i say something they can judge. Meanwhile they are being mischieveous, and looking for problems were they never were.

Enough about it, if it didnt have so much impact on world politics and freedom of expression, i wouldnt pay more attention to the whole shit then to Belize.

And i don't care, there have been so many holocausts, that i consider most people deniers of holocausts daily. However that is well allowed. As long it doesnt contrast these zionist interests.

So rili i don't give a damn, israeli patriotism may or may not exist outside the discriminating jewish religion. A funny remark on that one was, can hezbollah remain armed? israel has 100000's of reservists allowed to hold and carry arms..

The comment that said that said: what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

On with china. Because the big campaugn against china shall *not* be spoiled by... me. Does china have the right to exist? I think so, do i like olympics? not at all, do i like the way china is organised? i just dont know. Thing is , i still know some about china, and it often contrasts with the things her critics say. Actually i already spoiled the attacks on china by supporting her over Tibet before.

From my standpoint, i am not at all interested in tensions with china, in antagonism or animosity, however the attacks on china obviously show there is a mainstream political trend that doesnt care about all this, and megalomaniacally thinks it can organise china better. Apparently another hot point of media politics atm.
time for another some warning.

Personally i dont equate zionism to anti-china-ism but i bet that zionism will think differently. china is a market. Politics will shout about human rights, but it is actually about money. Zionism considers money the basic requirement for the emancipation of jews(1), and maybe like pretended for the existence of the state of israel.

perhaps the idea is that china is so big that with a stigma of human rights the whole gaza situation pales.

(1) or so i think.

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