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Monday, August 18, 2008


one problem with important events is that they fade to fast in the memory of many.
i really think for a future of mutuality in this world the current situation in the caucasus is the most significant event.

Gen(ret.) musharrafs resign is ofcourse a thing worth mentioning and discussing,
however if u take note of my posts or the subject you may understand i am not so sure this is a good thing to happen to pakistan.
It sure has not the looks yet, but if we can trust the pakistani radio...(noone else said so) the pakistani taliban has offered an unrestricted truce.

I don't if i think that is true, it is quite possible there are hopes a different situation can now be negotiated. ACtually i don't think it will, because my impression is the current government mostly falls back in the methods musharaf applied.
wich then they do both less mercifull and more brutal, with no musharaf to blame over it, that will show quite often.

that is because musharaf has always held a strict line in the negotiations, with no fake promises or disastrous consequences, blindly applying his methods a bit more generous or brutal won't be a great help. My guess is it is a bit late already but will take a few weeks to be realised.

otoh i think there is a rather united effort to help the refugees, and a great wish of the people to have it better then under musharaf. The ideals behind it are great, in the people, the mindset seems illogical. For the symbolic value people are most enthused and quite optimist, and i must say i have seen more dignity then i am used to in netherlands.

So lets hope i am wrong, however i have been thinking that there could be a connection between the recent interventions in pakistan and the general unrest that is felt in kashmir. So as in 'things are not quite as calm as they were'.

Karzai again blamed musharaf over the ISI. and said (i think somewhat rhetorically) he had not liked musharafs policys (his cooperation with usa) in the nation,
however he like i said mixed it with ISI allegations.

Well that ISI is and has been active in afghanistan has little doubt, the ISI allegations are less credible from my pov. it would be a strange modus operandi,
it is not quite along musharafs interests, altho perhaps according to the opinions of quite a lot of pakistani. Then again, blaming things on sympathisers from the next nation, is both a very common allegation, and a somewhat rarer case.

It can be that isi acted against some elements that would be considered really harmfull for the pakistani situation themselves and surely that karzai felt the pressure, that it tried to distract teh afghani armed resistance from pakistani opportunity's, and many other things, or none at all, a karzai hurt in his interests, seeking blame for an invader, unsure of the real connection but sure it was not afghan even.

It is said karzai is the kind of person to make ad hoc decissions on the phone, that basically means nato would still support him in rather outlandish statements.
(apparently karzai has a good memory)

you may ask what does this have to do with kaukasus,in so far it does that it also represent a nato occuparion and domination of a nation in the region.
several in fact, if not for the war for terror, pakistan had been a completely different place.

soo.. back to the subject.

the situation is complicated and painfull, russia has been complaining about georgia's military provocations time and again in the past 10 days, no attention is given in the media.
Condi rice is represented on her usual war path in the media, denying the obvious and claiming the unmatchable, so it is somewhat ahrd to be very positive.

Yet the russian intervention is considered a great succes by medvedev, who said that it met the standards that were, and are set for limited violence.

There have eben a few cluster grenades used, at least that their were not rili many bombs on gori so it probably were grenades, however the western media keeps talking about bombs, it is not sure wich side even threw them. HRW just blamed russia, then again it used what i would think a georgian accent. It is also not unthinkable a few cluster munitions have been used, for example jokingly, like: you can cluster-bomb most of lebanon unpunished, can we pls clusterbomb a tiny bit of gori when the georgians left. Things are getting obscure here.

There are certain and defintie complaints about human rights and other violations by the georgians, no nato nation however has mentioned these during the negotiations procedure publicly, this manipulation is not acceptable to me, and perhaps not to the russians.

Without that the nato can no longer cheat the population over her intends, and peace might come.
The "allies" are playing good weather, but they are ot playing fair. Russia also seems to be fed up with teh hypocrasy pressure and intimidation, and is not quite happy with a nato that swept the arguments of humane warfare and the lifes of civilians aside.

To me it seems the russians are saying, (they have been complaining about provocations today) saaksville should make a real peace. and at teh evry very least hold up to the current results.

Then again i dont get evrything the russians are doing, there is a certain amount of force or result needed before the georgian population will decide for peace and good relations. Perhaps it is hard to understand, but such an action (redraw) would have no use at all if it leads to ongoing provocations.

It is hard for georgia(or so they think), but it would be good for the world if these 2 nations opted for a durable peace, better for georgia then not doing it also.

The strange thing is i feel like getting a bit scared for the mighty russia, however so far it did live up to expectations of restraint, carefullness, and compared to most wars, great respect for civilian life.

I think it will always continue to live up to that, because it is not a very monster, neither is putin, in 1991 russia was at the ground, it is now considered a wealthy nation in the caucasus. The stability and selfconfidence putin provided keep it strong in a world where moral is often far to seek.

Ofcourse putin is a monster to my peculiar dutch standards, but russia is not netherlands, and quick transitions into foreign hands etc. are very distastefull ways of putting populaces into slaves.

There is one politician i came to trust in netherlands, wijnand duyvendak, he has recently been symbolically burned on the pyre of intolerance.

It was an awfull affront, a disgusting soap, as well.
Maybe even for his part, oh well you don't get a position for daring to have the most outspoken opinions do you? Still..

him daring to have opinions is what necked him over something everyone knew.
(at least i did and i heard it more often, he even was at tv with it in the 1970s or so)
the bourgeois values appear to be the ones prefered in the censoring of ideologys.
it turns my people into charicatures.

i want to disallow them that grotesk derailment. Like so many others before.

make him pm instead, he will have the sp problem, how to fill unlimited seats with limited candidates, but it would be so much worth to see it.

uhm thats also not about the caucasus, but it is a similarly deep link between problems and elite, between incredibility and superficousness, the propaganda there would turn into a same one, one of intolerance.

the many many many nations of the kaukasus (kurdistan, not yet kurdistan, and occupied kurdistan and all teh other kurdish people would also rather see an united kaukasus that lives in peace and loves russia with reason.

heh that makes me think lets disturb georgia somewhat more so that perhaps the caucasus people will ever have a chance in states that live with another with similar relations as the yurpeans.

thought of a joke on that. there's asians (plenty), usians, (on the ancestral ground of the native americans), and esians (europeans or yurpeans but esians would be short and comprehensive)

guess its not that funny.
le usa has nothing to be for in tibet but massmurder and warcrime, nato shoudl opt to stay away from georgia and start friendly relations with russia. It's anyhow hard to understand that is so difficult for them, russia is not far from europe in anything. Russian are very clear people with very outspoken and clear intentions,
a bit "free" they like livelyness and some noise, speaking, talk.

Russia plans to turn her state into a more decent example of "growth" economy then the nato, what integer reasons are there not to go that road together.

Just plotting a new enemy or embracing old fears is the last thing that will bring good in the kaukasus or anywhere in the world.
what goes for russia also much goes for china, neither of them would allow the excesses of capitalism, privateering, multinationalism and globalism to take root in their soils. They will love to cooperate but judge our acions with care.

So what, why can't we live with that?

that will invoke a haze of prop.. glad i forgot what, for now.
oh yeah democracy, well thats : on with obama

democracy exists.. maybe, it is called obama.
perhaps i disagree with obama but i swear i like him more then bush or mccain, and democrazy is his second name. If obama becomes president, perhaps democracy will once exist. The strange thing for me is if i dont keep stressing that obamas position is undermined faster and way more easily then i can understand,

i dont think of that as a democratical process, but as racist structures.
ofcourse obama will do better then anyone else did. isn't that obvious?

It's rather obvious.
if russia and other nations are not the great enemys of humanity they are so often insulted for (wich they are not) obama could make the change, if they are such great enemys obama could give them the hints on how to change that, because they really don't want to be enemys. Certainly not russia and china are as stupid not to realise good relations with europe and usia are essential for peace in the world either.

Nato should not be a tool in the kaukasus, it's a military organnisation that aims to create wars and tensions to sell arms, and promote some unfair form of western dominance.
It only helps them in so far they get the means to try to get new arms that are even more dominant and lethal.
It is about time to try to get peace not through fighting.

on the funny side 97% of the dutch populace now thinks polticians are only out for their own profit.

That btw. may not be all true, a major flaw of many politicians that could have good intends is actually they are to prejudiced, to aquare, to conservative in manners and opinions, to some extend politicians try to be "good" at it, although they are so hypocrit usually they might well not dare to call it social.

i guess thats why they are not suit then, not really understanding the political reality. dutch, western politicians think fooling people is the best tool to rule them. It puts them on a psychological disadvantage fortunately.

It comes with the bourgeois mentality to, the oh uh boh puh boys, machiavelli rules mentality. Dumb arrogant superficious semi intellectuality. In that sense.. soemtimes i don't know if the pretention of politics that they would be suit is such a good one. It's hardest to see your own flaws, i guess. But in promoting that mentality in netherlands, they betrayed us all. And they are bloody authistical! they will make such artificial wriggles to consider themselves over this stigma..

yet ppl, you dont really take over the ball do you?
where is wijnand duyvendak now? where are the hearts and minds of the people?

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Tazeen said...

the future here in Pakistan looks pretty dismal with Taleban gaining more territory and resources

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